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Chargeblast, an official partner of Stripe, collaborates closely to assist merchant clients in achieving chargeback rates of 0% by providing real-time chargeback alerts. Their proactive alert system notifies clients the moment a customer initiates a chargeback case, allowing them to promptly issue refunds before the chargeback is formally recorded by their payment processor. Setting us apart from competitors, their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and personalized client support not only saves clients valuable time each week but also installs peace of mind.

Additionally, we offer curated services such as representment solutions, automated chargeback refunds, and a network of strategic partners geared towards optimizing business strategies for accelerated revenue growth and enhanced profit margins.

Unleash the Power of Chargeblast

Addressing the unique challenges encountered by subscription-based SaaS and e-commerce merchants in handling chargebacks, Chargeblast stands out as an innovative solution aimed at maintaining chargeback rates at an ideal 0%. This powerful AI tool empowers merchants to effectively defend against chargebacks, protecting their ability to process payments seamlessly through trusted payment gateways like Stripe and Shopify. With a track record of safeguarding over $1 billion in annual transactions, Chargeblast plays a pivotal role in providing a robust safety net for a wide array of businesses, particularly benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises with annual revenues of up to $50 million.

The Benefits of Chargeblast

Acting as a vital defense mechanism against chargebacks, particularly for subscription SaaS and e-commerce merchants, Chargeblast excels in its mission to shield businesses from the adverse financial and operational impacts of chargebacks by virtually eliminating their occurrence.

Operating on sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities, Chargeblast meticulously monitors transactions, recognizing early signs of potential chargeback triggers. By intervening swiftly to address emerging disputes, the tool effectively prevents financial losses and upholds the merchant’s reputation with key payment processors.

Among its various use cases, Chargeblast emerges as a boon for small to medium-sized enterprises operating within the dynamic realms of SaaS and e-commerce. Designed to cater to businesses handling significant transaction volumes, the tool proves invaluable in mitigating the repercussions of chargebacks on their day-to-day operations and relationships with critical payment platforms.


With a suite of seamlessly integrable products, Chargeblast equips merchants with efficient tools that seamlessly sync with their existing payment processing systems. These tools are expertly crafted to identify, intercede, and manage chargebacks with precision, safeguarding the merchant’s revenues and payment infrastructure effectively.

By offering compatibility with major payment processors like Stripe and Shopify, Chargeblast ensures broad applicability across leading e-commerce channels and payment gateways, reinforcing its utility and versatility in the marketplace.



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