How to do Event Marketing?

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Event Marketing requires good planning to build a good strategy. In this article, in addition to understanding the importance of focusing on the action plan, you will learn about the best ways to publicize an event and turn it into a success.

If you work in event marketing or in related fields, you have probably had to deal with the long process of planning and designing the project.

If the strategy is not well aligned, and the objectives are not listed from the moment of the idealization, be sure that the final result can go far from the expected. After all, you need to invest in a quality plan!

With the marketing definitions well aligned, the success of the event becomes a natural consequence. Therefore, we will help you to develop the entire strategy from end to end, in order to guarantee excellent numbers of conversions and enchantment.

How Important is a Marketing Plan for Events?

Think of a specific event. Be it free, paid, entertainment or economics, we can think of a final goal practically unanimous to all: generating an audience.

Necessity, which is one of the main indicators of success, demands planning and dissemination strategies. What will be the on and off channels used? What will be the selling points? Who is my persona?Virtually all questions involving sales strategies, dissemination and metrics of success are answered by a marketing plan for events.

Therefore, the main benefits of taking action are based on the idea that, without the plan, it is possible that the event will not even get off the ground. See what other positive consequences are:

  • Correct audience segmentation, which generates higher ticket sales;
  • Selection of ideal channels according to the persona;
  • Definition of clear goals and objectives that are able to measure the success of the event after the end;
  • Development of dissemination plans, whether in paid or organic media;
  • Economy, since accurate actions generate less waste of money;
  • Anticipation of possible risks and crises.

What steps does it encompass?

Good marketing planning for events includes actions divided by stages. We divided the main ones into three macro groups.

Planning and presets

Here it is time to be very clear about the theme and the target audience. We advise the use of personas, as they are more detailed and real representations.

Planning is carried out based on the definition of the public and a clear understanding of logistical issues – date, location, capacity, and time. In it, the responsible person outlines the main objectives, the ways to achieve them and the ideal KPIs.

It is also important to understand the scenario in general: a quick benchmarking about the local scene is already able to enrich the planning.

In general, the first stage should include the following information:

  • Persona;
  • Suggestions for date, place and time;
  • Capacity of idealized locations;
  • Initial speaker plan;
  • What would cause the public not to attend;
  • Financial issues such as renting space, materials, labor;
  • Dissemination channels.

Disclosure and Consolidation

After finalizing the planning, it will be possible to obtain important information such as:

  • Where the public is informed and communicates, both online and offline;
  • Main interests;
  • Obstacles that would hinder ticket sales;
  • Barriers imposed by competition.

Now it’s time to close the best partnerships, develop campaigns and make the most of sales actions.

You already know your audience, know how they behave, and even have an idea about market barriers. Use all the information to your advantage and build a complete disclosure plan.

The Event and its Success

It must be borne in mind that the market is cyclical. When an event ends and is a success, rest assured that the public will have expectations about a possible new edition. Even those who don’t know you yet can become prospects for future actions.

Make exceptional coverage. Investing in content production – mainly video and image capture – is fundamental and generates material with potential for long-term use.

Digital Marketing strategies, such as social media, Content Marketing and media – on and off – are some of those responsible for making a specific event eternal and opening doors for others.

In addition, do feedback analysis: Facebook groups and email-triggered forms are rich sources and can generate valuable insights from those who have experienced the experience.

That way, in a new edition, you will certainly have the best proof that you can deliver on what was promised in the dissemination strategies!

How to Publicize an Event and Make it a Success?

Now that you know the main factors that involve building and developing a marketing plan for events, it is time to understand which the best publicity actions are.

With a well-defined dissemination strategy, in addition to being able to make sales, you can understand its performance in time to promote action plans focused on improvements, which involves recovery or boosting sales. When these steps are not necessary, even better!

Don’t Forget the Traditional Media

Online strategies as a whole are fundamental and have their greatest importance in a moment of digital transformation, but we must not forget the media off: it is able to win over an audience that can often go unnoticed.

So, complement the strategy by advertising on any radio that makes sense to your persona. Businesses that used flyer distribution in the Brisbane-area and those that advertised using newspaper and television found greater success with the events they conducted.

Keep an eye on the proportion of the cost: when it is very high and does not have a great capacity to offer a return, it is best to focus on more certain actions.

After all, what really matters is the opinion of your audience: events can be completely ruined and wiped off the map when they are not focused on the customer experience and its practical implications. Do it with love and purpose so that the results appear naturally!

Now that you know everything about marketing strategies for events, find out what an Event Analyst does and understand how important this professional is in the market!


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