Starting a Classifieds Site to Earn Money Online

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How to start a successful online business? It is a question , which has been asked by most of the new entrepreneur. Making the online classifieds site will definitely helps you in this matter. No doubt, for promising income from classifieds site. Let us discuss about how it works and how you can earn money from it.

How Classifieds sites works?

Classifieds sites are the place where people can find good deals, products, services and more. It is also a best platform to sell and buy the products you love, either it is new or bad. Companies and marketing people will reach classifieds site to market their brand and services, if your classified site is quality one. Ebay, like market giant in classified and auction site need listing fee and other bank verification details to list your product. But once you got listed on it, you ll get a good response from related people.

Classifieds site is more similar to daily news paper, where you can see ads cutting for product promotion. But paper ads will reach audience for a day, no one will see the old news papers. Unlike newspaper, listing our ads on classifieds site is permanent, no one will delete it, until it breaks TOS of the site. So you have more chances of reaching targeted audience.

How can you make money from Online Classifieds site?

This is the vital question, whatever the business may be, ultimate aim of every entrepreneur is making money from it. Many people may get confused about earning money from such classified sites. I would like to clarify some of the possible ways to earn from classifieds site.

Revenue from Ads Network: There are plenty of ads network available on net, to offer to context or banners links to earn. The process will be like cost per click (CPC) or cost per action (CPA). You simply need to place their text link or banner on your site to get paid. All you need to do is, getting traffic to your site. It is not a tough job to drive traffic to free online classifieds site. Placing ads and links on right place will increase your earnings.

With the Help of Affiliate programs: Few companies offering best affiliate commission to their product or service sales. They need no money to make you the member, moreover, its a simple process to be a part of their affiliate program. Simply join it, and place the promotional banner provided by them on your classified site. Whenever your site drives valid sales lead to their product, you ll be paid commission. Easy and effortless way of getting money from a classified site.

Featured Ads Payment: Rather than letting users to publish free listing, you can offer the featured payment listing. So that you can earn minimum amount by placing their ads in homepage with links, and additional info. If you are having enough traffic, then definitely most of the companies and business people will approach you for featured listing.

These are the most possible ways to earn money from you classifieds site. Concentrate on SEO practices to pull more traffic to your site to get more revenue.

Author Bio: Thirumalai – Online Marketing Enthusiast, Working as an Internet marketing executive at AJ Square Inc , One of best Classifieds Software Providers.


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