Top 10 Resolutions for Web Developers For this New Year


When a new year is round the corner, it’s time for web developers to set some new objectives and resolutions for their life and work 1. Exploration of a new Field It is useful to learn a new framework or methodology or even a new language to put into practice in daily work. However, there is need to explore some …

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Agile Development – Must Know Main Principles


Agile Development – What is it? A group of professionals started creating special software by making note of developers of other software, their teams and the processes they incorporated, to make their task easier. As a result of these observations, they were able to produce the Agile Manifesto, stating that it was possible to incorporate improved means of creating software …

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20 Must Have Tools for Running a Small Business

Small Business

Having your own business to run is everybody’s dream. After all, no one has ever dreamt of being an employee for the rest of his life. Ultimately, the goal is to be your own boss and create a business that you are passionate about. However, times are hard and the way the economy is going, having a small business can …

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10 Best Tools for HTML5 Developers


The latest version of markup languages is HTML5, incorporating the most advanced features when compared to previous versions. It enables creating a more dynamic website that offers more interactivity features to users. The HTML5 features offers better usage of Multimedia content as well as graphics Designers and developers find it easier to use HTML5 application. Designers and Developers using HTML5 …

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How to Select an Efficient Web Application Development Company


Developing web based applications is termed as Web Application Development. There are many risks associated with such applications, similar to applications on your PC. There are several companies offering services of Web Application Development and this presents a wide choice. Hence, selecting the correct company for developing your web application becomes all the more challenging. Here are some tips for …

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10 Tips to Improve Your Website Loading Speed


The main purpose of a website or a blog would be to attract visitors as well as search crawlers. This requires optimization of the site for getting increased traffic. PageSpeed, otherwise known as page load time, is an important aspect of SEO strategy. The loading time of the site is a crucial factor of ranking algorithms of search engines like …

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How to Select the Perfect HTML5 Development Company?


Most companies these days have a website and the profits of the company are a result of their internet drive, as it promotes their products and services. Hence, it becomes important to design the website well, so that it attracts visitors. There are several website development languages that can be used to create the proper site, with HTML5 being one …

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Designer


A good website can surely enhance your business and promote it. However, creating the perfect website is not so simple, as you will need to register the domain, purchase a web address and then design it well. Designing the website is the most difficult one. Though there are several software packages available to do this, a web designer could do …

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10 Tips to Attract More Customers to Your Site


Many visitors to a site get bored looking at the same site repeatedly. Wouldn’t you like to offer them an interesting experience by adding some refreshing changes to your site? Look into these tips to make your site more attractive to visitors, so that you can not only get new visitors but also keep visitors coming back again and again. …

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5 Must Have New Apps on Your Mobile Phone


There is a thirst to keep up with the best new apps, and for anyone who is unfamiliar with apps for mobile phones you may wish to take a look at their potential practicalities if you need further convincing. Apps can be educational and practical as well as fun and whether you own apple’s new iphone or the latest android …

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6 Ways to Select Right MLM Company


MLM – One of the most wanted way to earn money by some group of people. Every investment sector having their own pros and cons. Especially, people need to be aware of scams in investment section like network marketing system and their earning policies. So its time for investors to separate scam people from loyal companies. There are thousands of …

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Select Precise Ecommerce Solution while Selling Digital Downloads Online


Digital products are actually products which are consumed electronically or are used online. Do you want to sell digital downloads online while also maintaining complete security of the digital assets? Are you frustrated with your present ecommerce solution and want to look for something which facilitates you in selling digital downloads? Well then make sure that you use the precise …

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