Do you know that Twitter is the most popular social networks in the world and is a member of the Top 2 networks along with Facebook. It has more than a hundred million users and most of them totally depend on the latest news and trends around them. People don’t have enough time to read Newspapers, Magazines, etc. However, they …

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Live Home 3D – Interior Design – Being Your Dream Home Designs Into Reality


When it comes to building a home, there are a lot of steps, from basement to roofing. If you are someone into construction, or someone who’s planning or designing for buildings?, then it would be more useful if you have something handy to help you out with the tasks. From making layouts to furnishing your home, the App Store has …

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Which is the best way to relieve stress? What do you think? Is it a problem that can be resolved in seconds by using a technology? Or a problem that becomes bigger if you ignore it? The answer is Yes, if you ignore it and don’t take proper action you will be in trouble! Because stress is the only cause …

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Dapit makes it easy to buy, sell & manage your gift cards


Imagine a world where you can exchange any unwanted gift cards for cash, or where you could manage all of your gift cards in one place without taking up any space in your actual wallet. Well, that world is here and it’s called DapIt! It’s available to download now on Google Play and iOS. DapIt lets you store and use …

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MacBook Air 2018 Review


After a long time, MacBook Air has entered the market and it is better than all the previous models. The new machine is lighter, thinner, and even faster. With a Retina display, T2 Security Chip, and 12 hours of battery, this is the new MacBook Air with most expensive MacBook Air pricing too. But, how does it compare to the …

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We all know that hashtags mean so much more in terms of social media, especially Instagram, than a simple word or a couple of words. Believe it or not, more than half of the social media engagement revolves around hashtags/ For example, if you want to find something you’re interested in, you will not be looking for a certain profile …

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“God is present everywhere” but a human being cannot be present in two places at the same time or for any reason. We have to choose and it’s all about priorities. Am I right? Of Course Yes!  Let me give you an example- suppose there is a party in your office tomorrow and at the same time there is a …

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Oil Price: Energy News – Get Regular Updates of Oil Prices and Energy News instantly


Have you ever wondered why the oil prices are not constant? Why are they going up and down every single day. Yes, as a commoner we often have worries about the immediate oil price hikes. If there is one app that provides regular updates on their prices, then it would be greatly useful. Right? The app, Oil Price : Energy …

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Invite guests with style using video invitation through Inviter’s “Video Invitation Maker”


There are so many apps out there which are available making different and unique online invitations. Making video is a challenge especially with animations and other cool effects. Here I would like to introduce a cool new app “Video Invitation Maker” by Using this app, one can make Video Invitations within 5 to 10 minutes. It is available in …

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Why is to encode the video formats important?


Most people tend to not place that much importance on the format of videos, and many may not even notice them. However if you’re in a position where you have to encode your videos and choose a format, you should know that the choice you make is actually very important. The Role of Video Formats Just like any other file …

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The Share Market Live Trading App is one of the leading mobile apps in digital trading in India. This Edelweiss Mobile Trader App offers real-time trading updates to millions of online traders of its users in India. The app feeds online traders with real-time information on stock markets which is a necessity in online trading. The App is a product …

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The Best Educational Apps for Kids — iOS Apps for Learning


The Best Educational Apps for Kids Over the last few decades, educational trends have changed dramatically. With the emergence of smartphones and the Internet, education has become more accessible for people of all ages. Thanks to a large number of mobile learning apps, the communication gap between learners and teachers has also decreased. According to, the percentage of illiterate …

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