Chatbots Builder- The Most Effective Facebook App For Businesses!

Facebook Messenger App

Have you heard about chatbots? Do you know about it? Maybe you don’t know exactly what they are but you definitely use in your everyday life. Guess what? If you use social media than you use chatbots while sending voice messages as well as text messages. Now, you might remember! Chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via …

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Flaap Io Appslisto 700x466

Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird is back and crazier than ever. But this time with new, even madder birds that will have you flying all over the place.  The new version is out now and you can play with opponents from different countries all over the world and also create a room with your best buddies and have your own …

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Review-Dragon Ninja Rush

Ninja Appslisto

Currently online games are in trend with the realm of the digital world. Well, Dragon Ninja Rush is the most exciting game anyone can like this. The adventure game will surely make you confident to win the systematic strategy. You can win the game successfully by following the game guidelines. The Ninja skill is easy to learn and you can …

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Review of Journo Travel Journal App

Journo Appslisto 700x466

Journo is a new application created by Journo Inc that essentially operates as a travel journal. The iPhone and iPad application replace the manual jotting down of notes on phones and books. Journo introduces the new way of journaling and incorporated numerous features such as an ability to attach videos and photographs along with the journal entries. With this advanced …

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Period Tracker Appsmamma

The App Stores either the Google App Store or iTunes Store are full of so many apps which are hard to count! Whether they are in Gaming category, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, etc. Because there are so many reasons to have these apps, one can’t stop using them. They have become a major part of our society as …

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If you are like most smart phone owners, then your phone is probably a rainbow of colourful apps that you downloaded once upon a time and haven’t used since. There’s the app that you thought would be great to help manage your finances, then there’s the many dieting/nutrition/fitness apps that you downloaded each time you decided to go on a …

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Farmersim Appsisto 700x466

Do you want to become a Farmer? If yes, then why do you? The answer may be you have a farming background or you love farming. The reason being farmers farm for the love of farming. They love greenery and like to watch and nurture the growth of plants. Farmers love the presence of animals and no matter, whatever the …

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SWISH Video iOS App Review

Swish Appslisto 700x466

In your relaxation time, you may scan for online videos on the YouTube and like, share or transfer your own videos. In view of your mind-sets and interests, you find those videos on the app. Be that as it may, those apps contain the videos of practically every class either great or terrible. Dislike a cream produced using the drain. …

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Why you should be using Sage Expenses & Invoices for Android

Sage Appslisto 700x466

It’s not exactly the most glamourous side of running your own business. Monitoring expenses, sticking to budgets, tracking income.. As SMB owners without the luxury of an accounting department, you’re often doing all this yourself. Sage Expenses & Invoices is an expense management app that easily allows you to manage your expenses efficiently with its many features. Here are just …

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Coach Guitar iPhone App Review: An app for hardcore guitar lovers

Guidar Appslisto 700x466

Learning guitar is like a dream for almost all the youngsters. No matter you are fond of music or not, you have at least once wished that you could also play your favorite songs on the Guitar. However, frankly speaking, learning a guitar is boring process and you need to spend your precious time if you are really willing to …

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Kingfish Appslisto 700x466

Today, everyone is earning money by doing work through one or the other means. But to earn money like the way which I’m going to introduce today is a different story. If you like gambling and want to try your hands on it, then you have come to the right place. Yes, we have a game for you where you …

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Nuvro Webapprater

If you own a company, you and your teams can’t handle multiple projects by just relying on human memory to keep them all organized. And if you’re thinking to keep them together in your email will be also a disaster. So basically, what I want to say is that everything can’t be done manually because there are so many information …

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