Commander One: Fast and Reliable Mac App

7 C1 Catalog Gdrive

For a person with a Mac operating system who has been looking for an application that can transfer the files through the web, then I would advice for commander one, why is this so? Well the application is a fast and reliable file transfer protocol client for Mac OS x, moreover when using this application it becomes easier for one …

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LEO Privacy Guard – A Friend You Can Count On

Leo Android Webapprater

Today we have an app in our court for review that has already been downloaded more than 50 million times and still counting. So we know that it’s good at what it does, but how it is different from others is what we’re going to find out. LEO Privacy Guard, you must have heard the name before. If you haven’t, …

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StarDroid – Science Fiction Game

Stardroid Webapprater

StarDroid is a 2-Dimensional science fiction game developed and made available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices by Krauss and Boll Software. In fact it is the software’s second popular application after Corli application was released and made available by the software based in Kiel, Germany. It is categorised as a brilliant action and adventure shooter game based on …

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Shoto App – Share Shines!

Shoto Webapprater

This app is amazing. As a photographer with many friends, I often struggle to share the products of our shoots together. Shoto share is everything I could have asked for. It let’s me easily share pictures with all my friends effortlessly. Getting set up is easy! The second you sign into the app, the directions are straight forward and simple …

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The Benefits and Values of Binary Options App

Binary Option Webapprater

For a strategic planner, online stock trading asserts itself as the modern engine for making easy money in a fast and simple way. On an ever-developing stock market, binary options are beginning to gain territory in the kingdom of online stock trading. Also known as digital options or “all-or-nothing” options, they are tempting tools in the quest for discovering how …

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Running & Jogging Coach- Android App Review

Running App

Running & Jogging Coach- android app is an advanced personal trainer for running and jogging both for novice and advanced runners. It records and measures your progress to improve your fitness. This app is simple, stable, and powerful, with a vocal coach and conference scheduler. This means you can perform and record your run and all kinds of training in …

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Casino HD (16 Games): Play to your heart’s fill without spending a penny

Casino Webapprater

Most casino apps today lure you into spending real money. They do so by offering the app for free, getting you addicted and then mandating in-app purchases that cost you money. Why should you spend your hard earned money on casino games online when you are not fully willing to? Casinos are a fun game after all that should not …

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LipaTheater: Story Maker- Kindle your child’s imagination

Lipa Webapprater

Lipa learning has been known for its award-winning set of apps for childhood development. These apps are specially designed keeping the needs of growing children in mind. They have been designed for children up to the age of six. The latest app by Lipa Learning follows in suit. ‘LipaTheater: Story Maker’ is an educational app where your child is the …

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Out of Brakes – Drive Reckless, If you can !

Out Of Breaks Webapprater

Remixes have been appreciated when the composers have mixed the right sounds from their own dictionary with the retro tunes and today we have one such fine remix from the App Store that’s going to blow your mind. It’s the latest iOS app Out of Brakes that I’m talking about and it’s a car race where you’re racing against nobody …

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Inby – Budgeting On-The-Go

Inby Webapprater

Do you know what “Budgeting” means? Well, it means to cut down on your expenses with an aim to introduce efficiency in the system. Now, saving forms a primary portion of Budgeting; the more you save, the more efficient your process is. This concept of budgeting applies to our home as well and not necessarily to our monthly ration expenses. …

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LEO Privacy Guard: Save Your Sensitive Data

Leo Privacy Webapprater

The LEO Privacy Guard app for iPhone is one of the best new apps on the market today. It is essential to anyone who has important personal data on their devices, professionals who have sensitive client information stored on their phones and even for adults who require that little bit of extra privacy in their lives. The app helps protect …

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Starific : Pretty Sensational !

Starific Webapprater

Starific is the latest iOS app that has been developed by Alex Gierczyk. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.1.1 or any later version of the OS. Starific is a very unique game as far as its gameplay is concerned. This cosmic action based gameplay centers around a star that when activated starts …

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