Space Barriers- Unique Traditional Puzzle Game

Space Barriers

The newly released iOS exclusive Space Barriers is an exciting and unique twist on the traditional puzzle genre. The object is quite simple, get the ball into the goal while avoiding the traps throughout the level. A simple premise with challenging implications that are sure to keep you coming back for more! With vivid graphics that captivate you immediately on …

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Track My Mac iPhone App Review

Track My Mac Appslisto

There are so many tracking applications available in App Store, but this application is simply a must-have if you own a Mac computer. Theft is a common occurrence and it happens every single day. Sometimes you feel like you can’t do anything to prevent it and write off your stolen laptop. However, Track My Mac will give you a huge …

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AllMyTube- The best video downloader and convertor

Allmytube Webapprater

Introduction Downloading YouTube videos can be quite a hectic process. There are certain favourite videos that you may wish to watch time and again. Streaming them each time is more of a test of your patience than anything else. Having them saved on your PC saves you a lot of time and effort. The problem is that this is easier …

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Voico- Changing your outlook on international calls

Voico Appstimes

If you make a lot of international calls, you will be well aware of the large costs involved. If you make frequent calls to the US, Mexico or Canada, Voico is an app that you must try out. It is an iOS app that provides international messaging, audio calls and video calls. The high definition quality of the calls made …

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Lotti Dotti – Review of an Interesting iPhone App

Lotti Dotti Appslisto

Hello ‘Dotrix: Guess the hidden dots’ lovers! The developer of this amazing game has released a new iPhone/iPad game that will elevate your gaming experiences to greater heights. Rozana Kabashi has developed a new device game called Lotti Dotti. Lotti Dotti is a strategy game that is just amazing. Lotti Dotti is a device game that can be played by …

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Rebtel App- Enjoy Cost-effective International Calls Anytime, Anywhere

Rebel Calling Webapprater

What an incredibly amazing app worth getting! This is none other than the Rebtel app which has taken the social networking platform by a storm. It is absolutely the best app that has completely transformed the way individuals can get in touch with each other from abroad with much ease. To prove its prowess, Rebtel app has perfectly integrated all …

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IdeaSwipe: Generate and Capture and Share Innovative Ideas Instantly

Idea Swipe Appslisto

Surprisingly, the rate at which innovative ideas are being generated in our current modern society is absolutely mind blowing. Each new day individuals are engaging their minds into thinking and coming up with ideas that can make life interesting and worth living. Clearly stating, a world with interconnected great ideas can indeed enhance the speed at which transformation can emerge …

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Updown Fitness iPhone App : For Fitness Freaks !

Updown Fitness Appslisto

Running out of ideas on the best ways to keep fit and have some fun while you are at it? Your aspiration to meet your fitness target might be facing some hindrances due to your mandatory job schedules, the unbearable distance to the gym, or you just can’t keep up with the budget of a personal trainer. There is, however, …

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The Old Win Downtown Casino-Has Anyone Played Yet?

Oldwin Webapprater

I found this Vegas downtown casino app to be very entertaining for my taste. I love playing all types of games on my phone and this one was definitely right up my alley. I have been playing casino games for a while and right now my favorite has been Big Fish casino, so with this app online I can see …

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Yes Invoice: Design Unique Invoices, Sell Online and Make Earnings

Yes Invoice Webapprater

One of the essential and most useful components in any business or trade is indeed an invoice. This is because it not only facilitate acknowledgement of payment and receipt of different items but also keeps an absolute amazing reference that can be of great use in the future. Keeping a good track of one’s invoices will always ensure that the …

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Audials Radio Player Recorder: A Useful, Integrated Rare Android App


We all know there are reams and reams of Internet radio apps out there, and it does get quite frustrating to download endless apps that just don’t work – perhaps the streaming is low quality, or the radio station choices are limited, before we even think about things like the user interface and features. Audials is quite different. Firstly, it’s …

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Smart Live Casino App: A More Intelligent Gaming Experience

Smart Live Casino

The casino world has always been one filled with mystery, intrigue and, of course, money and, thanks to Hollywood depictions of the industry, we all want to be like James Bond dicing with the odds at the blackjack table. Fortunately, we can now enter this world courtesy of the new mobile casino app from Smart Live Gaming. Designed to bring …

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