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When I saw the ChurchCMS app developed by GegoSoft solutions on the Play Store, I was primarily obsessed with the concept and features. Moreover, I also have had a good time diving into the app after a lot of analysis, and I have to surely admit that this app wholly satisfies all requirements for global users.

This app professionally simplifies the task of handling the membership databases, fundraising, calendar management, events management, reporting and analytics, secure child check-ins, broadcasting Events LIVE and seamless communications within the entire group. Besides many salient features, the ChurchCMS app also provides management of donations and contributions, including online giving. Give look at some of the key ChurchCMS app features below.

Mobile App for Church Members

Enjoy the convenience of your church at home with a Mobile application. The advanced technology developed for your members now have every spiritual update they need with a touch of their smartphone. It immensely brings about to receive daily notifications, event reminders, sermon videos and audios, bulletin, view pictures of the unique church moments, etc. ChurchCMS app greatly bridges the communication gap between the members and their church.

Powerful Member Directory

This quality member directory wholly helps you to add, modify, remove, delete, edit and filter the members based on your preference. You can simply search for an individual or a family with this ChurchCMS app and get to know their appropriate details without any hassle. They also bring the members of your delegation closer where they could all celebrate each other’s birthdays, anniversaries or support one other in times of difficulties.

Member Groups                   

It is facile to join your community members through the ChurchCMS app by developing groups based on your interests. You can develop several member groups like the choir, ministry, fellowship, Bible study, Sunday class, discipline and many others. The group admin could simply manage all these groups. In addition, you can manage group activities and organize information to be sent through the application to all the members of the group. It also assures that only the members of that group get to know particular details that go on about.

Donations & Giving

Able to grant any donations or funds you wish to offer to the church. The app also permits you to donate under various tags like Offerings, giving campaigns, church camp, church events, etc; so that you can actively donate whichever area you like to ameliorate in the church. Primarily the application can safely transfer the money to the church’s registered account without the requirement of carrying bulk cash.

Manage Events like a Pro

It is enumerated that the calendar feature of the app permits you to organize and manage all the daily events that happen in the church and among the church members. You can add easily any upcoming events in the calendar to notify other members of the event. They assist to develop a user-friendly environment for the people of the church.

Set your own, fully searchable, sermon library and Broadcast Events LIVE

The sermon library feature qualitatively stores a list of the video and audio files of the sermons that have taken place in the church. It comprises the sermon gallery, books and people. They provide a feature that broadcasts the events taking place in the church live in the app. Every church member having the ChurchCMS app on their phones can enjoy the events through live feedback.

Among many other features, the ChurchCMS app also manages the Events, Activities, and Church Website with key features like Membership Subscriptions, Messaging, E-Prayers, Prayer Requests, Daily Quotes, Birthday Wishes, Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Education & Bulletins, Audio Podcasts and Analytics.

Final Wrap Up

No matter what global users are into, it is just downright satisfying to experience this new app namely ChurchCMS, so when GegoSoft solutions announced the app launch, I was really pulled not only did it feature many unique things, but useful for everyone. Seriously, what’s not to adore here?



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