Fake Island: Demolish!

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Demolishing games are battling and shooting match-ups in which you get to make harmful vehicles, structures, or the whole open-world climate. In our free web-based obliteration games with a physical science motor, around here at Silvergames.com, you get to cause blasts and crashes for the sake of entertainment. Assault universes with outsider weapons and guns to unleash ruin and destroy a whole city. Our games let you track down new and innovative methods for obliterating things like driving a transport into a divider or off a precipice. Go out of control in our best web-based games and watch demise and obliteration downpour down on your foes and lifeless things.

Could you begin with an outright work of art and play Whack My Computer? Assuming you at any point had long stretches of work disappear because of some product or equipment blunder, you’ve felt the consuming dissatisfaction that fills this game. Track down new and innovative ways of venting your indignation and destroy that time bomb. Another cool annihilation game is Bricks Breaking, where you need to match tones to make blocks vanish. You get going with a screen loaded up with colorful blocks, which you can undoubtedly eliminate. Just by tapping on one of them, the breaking blocks will vanish.

Our free web-based annihilation games will drive you into an open world loaded up with combustible and delicate items all over. Punch, kick and crush vehicles and structures into parts of win. Visit an outsider world in our compelling new obliteration games and transform their city into rubble. Go in all around outfitted and begin shooting amazing firearms and cannons that oppose the laws of material science until everything has gone to debris. Reproduce a whole orchestra of annihilation and wreck everything on the screen for the most ideal score.

Are you ready for the destruction of the world’s famous buildings? Just place dynamites properly and fire. Demolition is now more fun!

Fake Island :Demolish is a building demolition game based on real physics and gravity. You need to place the TNTs in the available slots in the builds. Buildings, skyscrapers, lighthouses, power plants, industrial structures, dilapidated buildings are just some different types of structures in the game. You also get to destroy world-famous landmarks. They are not real landmarks but fakes of the original ones.

As a result of successful demolitions; You get contract offers from mayors of world cities. Each new 10 stars brings a new contract to demolish a ‘fake landmark’ on the Fake Island. If you don’t want to wait to get enough stars to play Landmarks, you can unlock them with diamonds and play instantly.


● Relaxing and satisfying gameplay.
● Variety of iconic buildings
● Fun for all ages: The best game for family and friends gatherings!
● Download this funny game for free.
● A great exercise for the brain.
● Simple and highly addictive gameplay.
● Play without internet.
● Play offline.

Take Away:

Fake Island: Demolish is a wonderful game to have fun. Spend your leisure time and enjoy the awesome experience with Fake island.

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