Prioritize your Inbox with InboxMind


If you are a working individual and receive a lot of mail, at some point of time, it becomes difficult to concentrate on all the mails and there is always a chance to miss out some of the mails. InboxMind on iTunes is designed to help you get the maximum out of your inbox. It prioritizes the mails according to …

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Smart Marketers Magazine : Need of the Hour

Smart Marketers

Since the market analysts have realized the potential of internet in contributing to the global growth in the future, businessmen are being attracted more and more to this route. It’s easy to start up and comparatively cheaper. If you want to promote your product online, then all you need to do is just upload the video on YouTube or any …

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P.A.C.O – A Frustrating Victory, If it is !

Paco Ceco

What we have watched in movies and television series is that jail is a place that’s literally “the hell on the earth”. So many evil faces in the eyes of the society put together in a place that even devil would be hoping to run this place someday because it suits him. You can’t trust even a single person around …

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Score a Bingo with Bingo Bash, This Season

Bingo Bash

Bingo is one of the most favorite games in the world of mobile gaming and it has brought the world of fun and excitement to your palm. Bingo is equally popular in its physical and virtual form and people who have played the game for once will definitely want to play it again. However, the major problem of the game …

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DiveBomb Chomp – Chomp up all the baddies

Dive Bomb

Do you like simple brainless games that will keep you engaged for long? If yes, then the Android app DiveBomb Chomp is perfect for you. Developed by Beau James Games, it tests your speed and controls over the game. If you have some free time to kill that you want to spend leisurely without having to put in too much …

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Come Join the World of Stick Figures with LifeBox


Thinking out of the box sometimes brings out amazing things but what does happen when something amazing happens within the box? The box is given priority in the new app on iTunes, named LifeBox. It is an app that will keep you entertained and will provide you all sorts of amazing viewing experience that you have never expected. The game …

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Battle your Way in the World of Shadows in Shadow Fight 2

Windows Phone

Have you ever thought how close your shadow is to you? Though it is a part of your existence, living a life of a shadow is never going to be easy. The story of shadows and their power is told in a game called Shadow Fight 2, which is a Windows game made for all the players who are in …

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Gift Voucher Kiosk: Let them Feel ‘Special’

Offer A Gift

Facebook has obviously brought the world a lot closer than it was before. You’re always near your friends even if you two are at the opposite poles of Earth. You can still share the feeling of reaching the top of Mount Everest with the rest of the world when there’s no one to listen. Even if you’re the lone supporter …

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Enjoy the Ultimate Arcade Shooting Experience with Highway Chase


Rise Up Labs has launched the latest version of Highway Chase, a fast paced arcade type action shooting game, on iTunes. The game comes packed with the thrill of shooting moving cars of thieves from a moving helicopter while avoiding the cars of the civilians and the pedestrians. In the game you play the role of a police sniper, who …

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OurCam App – Lets Share Happiness !


It was my cousin’s marriage. I had bought a brand new Van Heusen Suit and was all excited to put it on. But marriage isn’t a one-man affair. There were sure to be many of my relatives whom I hadn’t met in a long time and as I got to the wedding, it seemed as if the whole jungle had …

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Solve Puzzle to Win Missions in Datswer


Games that are based on stories often manage to gather interest of the players. You really want to see the end of the game when you have a mission which is not possible in the popular endless running games. One such game is Datswer which is an action and puzzle game where you will not only have to use your …

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ai.type keyboard FREE + Emoji : Even a Keyboard can be Interesting !

Ai Type

Digital scientists have scaled down everything; the camera, the processor, the weight and of course, the size. While now you can carry your phone in your pocket and that too the normal one which we have in our jeans and trousers, some things are good to be large. For example, as your phone gets reduced in size, so does the …

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