Drone Invaders- Save your planet from aliens

Drone Invaders Webapprater

Drone Invaders is a fun and classic arcade game that has been developed for the iOS. If you are a fan of arcade games, you must try this one out. It is an extremely addictive game with a simple concept and simpler gameplay. All you need is some tie to kill and a lot of patience and practice.Drone Invaders is …

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ARoglyph – A Cool Way to Communicate

Add Marks Webapprater

We are living in the 21st century but we’re well familiar with the lifestyle of our ancestors as well. We know how they used to live, what outfits they used to wear, what were their staple food and many such things. But how do we know all that? After all, we have never seen them doing so and neither did …

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Buster and the Crystal Bones- Entertainment and adventure unlimited

Buster Webapprater

Everyday life is really hectic and monotonous. It’s good to take a break have some adventure once in a while. The problem is getting time off from your busy life for an adventure and covering all the expenses involved. The cost is so much that you’d rather continue with boring monotonous life. What if you were giving the option to …

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Launch by Quixey Launcher- The Power of Software

Launch Webapprater

The Play Store is expanding more than ever. New apps are being developed every day. While the memory capacity of smart phones is also increasing, it cannot keep pace with the speed of app development. Most of the storage space on our phones is occupied by apps. A majority of these are used for simple search and communication. Picking between …

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Sudoku free – Paper-Free Sudoku

Sudoku Webapprater

Puzzles are meant to take away the peace of your mind and then you fight to take it back. So in a way, they train you for perplexing situations when your mind would normally stop working. But a puzzle is useless when it stops confusing you. If it becomes too predictable, it means we need a new one to keep …

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Innovation Age of Crafting – Innovative Puzzle Game

Innovation App

Innovation Age of Crafting is an innovative puzzle game, which covers the history of humans and their different inventions across the most exciting historical ages i.e. the Stone Age, the Middle Ages Antiquity, the Renaissance and the Modern Age. Travel through history with well over 120 levels and lots of fascinating stuff to discover therein. Concept. The game has a …

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Where’s My Water?2 – A Well Deserving Sequel


For a franchise that’s already very popular, it’s always very difficult to pull out a new rabbit out of the hat that’s even more convincing and entertaining than the predecessors. We have seen the trick failing many times before. But this is not that day. Today, we’re talking about the latest offering of the Disney games called “Where’s My Water? …

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AtHome Camera – Home Security: Secure your Home Sweet Home

Athome Webapprater

Home security is a topic of increasing concern today. A lot of companies are providing innovative solutions to the issue as well. Most of these require you to install expensive equipment and tools into your house and step out of your comfort zone. What if we told you that you could use your mobile phone as a security camera? Sounds …

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NBA General Manager App – Enjoy the Business side too !!

Nba Webapprater

Nowadays, playing mobile sports game is not only about the physical part of the sport. You can also enjoy the business side. The NBA general manager iPhone app is a mobile game that allows you to enjoy the fast paced and interesting aspects of NBA management. Unlike many games that only allows you to play the role of athletes, the …

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VIPole – Secure Information Exchange App

Vipole Webapprater

VIPole messenger serves as a normal communication tool except for the fact that it has strong encryptions that protect your message exchange, calls and file storage. Anything like text message, group chat, voice call or video call as well as files can be eavesdropped or intercepted by a third party. If you are a businessman that has communication with important …

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Flyreel – Lights, Camera, Share

Flyreel Webapprater

Text messages are losing their presence day by day. No more are you interested in typing your thoughts word by word. Earlier, they were conceptualized at a time when there were no other means to convey messages. But now with the advent of technology and a surge in the media applications, there are innumerable ways to communicate with the rest …

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Cube Collider- Excite and Thrill Every Player

Cube Collaitor Webapprater

The cub collider is a brand new Iphone game designed to excite and thrill every player. Although it is deceptively simple, the game offers a challenging yet exciting playing experience especially for people who enjoy unique iphone games that are basically different from the common ones in the market. The Cube Collider is now available on ITunes and can be …

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