Tilt The Gaps : Must Have Entertaining Android Game

Tilt Webapprater

Do you like games that make you a little frustrated yet excited at the same time? Or, are you just looking for something to push your gaming skills to the limit without having to learn complicated game mechanics? Well, Tilt the Gaps may just be the right game for you. About Tilt the Gaps This android game is developed by …

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Roundup: Reading News “Together” is Fun!

Round Up Webapprater

The social life of a person of 21st century is mostly encircled into his social media accounts. Whether they’re the latest updates about our friends or a matter of world politics, we tend to reach out everything using the same platform. It’s very normal to forget about your friend’s birthday but even if the news somehow gets skipped out of …

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Importance of Internet Parental Controls in this Digital Era

Family Time Webapprater

Very few of us get to know what our kids are going through. Your kids, especially teens have to face a number of challenges and you must support them in finding the possible way out. I have been searching for a friendly app for quite a while and finally I came across this app, FamilyTime. It’s an internet parental control …

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Visho: For the shopaholic in you

Visho Webapprater

No matter how much the world changes and how much it advances, shopping will always remain a craze among women across the globe. However, with the advancement in technology, the way women shop is changing. While they used to spend hours together in malls before, they can now show on their phones. To top it all, the convenience level has …

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PandaDoc: Going paperless made convenient and easy

Panda Doc Webapprater

All of us know very well how paper work can get very messy indeed. At the same time, it cannot be avoided whatsoever. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to manage your paper work paperlessly? Eliminate all the mess while also ensuring that everything is safe in one place. PandaDoc helps you do exactly this. This web and …

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Auto Law Pro : Mobile Auto App for iOS

Autolaw Webapprater

Auto Law Pro, a mobile auto app designed for iOS platform version 6.0 or higher.The product is compatible with iPhone,iPad,iPad touch even though it is optimized for iPhone 5.This app was designed for users who panic under precarious situations and wonder how to proceed in case of a road emergency.AutoLawPro (ALP) helps in neutralizing the stress out of an unforeseen …

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Comet Clash: Get you Hooked for a Long Time

Comet Clash

With a striking resemblance to both Asteroids and Angry birds, Comet Clash is a brand new iPhone game that is not only exciting but also very engaging that will undeniably get you hooked for a very long time. Concocted with a much simpler design and high end graphics, Comet Clash is undeniably taking the gaming experience to a whole new …

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Qake : Amazing Game to Play !

Qake Webapprater

Have you ever played the classic game called “Qix”? I’m sure there will be many raised hands behind the screen, but I’m also aware of the fact there would still be some shy eyes hidden behind the curtain who haven’t heard of it before. So let me tell you what Qake is all about. You start with a cursor on …

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Wrike : Go-To Tool for the Project Manager

Wrike Webapprater

We have all seen Project Management tools and software options flooding the market in the past few years — it seems like there’s a new tool coming out every month. Even comparatively smaller organizations have now started using these work tools to manage their day-to-day projects whether they’re in product development, marketing, sales, or some other discipline. But out of …

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Polly Verbs: App I Strongly Recommend

Polly Verbs Webapprater

I’ve always felt a little looked down on by my professional peers because of my small issues with phrasing in the English language. And while I have used similar apps to Polly Verbs in the past, none of them have really been helpful, until Polly Verbs came along. My native language is Spanish and my accent is not very thick …

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ShareMyToolbox : Excellent Tool Sharing App

Share My Toolbox Webapprater

Introduction: Viewpoint Construction Software’s Business Incubator’ team announces the availability of an innovative tool sharing application ‘ShareMyToolbox’ which allows anyone with inventory of tools to share with others in their community or workplace.ShareMyToolbox puts the power of Mobile technology to facilitate the exchange of tools among friends or employees and makes them accountable without even checking into a garage or …

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Nelio A/B Testing: Nothing but ‘THE’ Best

Nelio Ab Testing Webapprater

If you run a blog or own an e-retail website, then only writing a good blog or having good products in your offer menu won’t last you a long queue of customers. If your website lacks that premium finish, even the best of your products will seem to have a layer of dust upon them. But how will you know …

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