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When we want to learn new languages, we always keep an eye for new apps, platforms and other modes to get through. Though there are a plethora of apps on the Play Store, only a very few of them are worth installing. One app that I recently downloaded as my friend recommended it to me was FunEasyLearn. It is an ultimate solution to those who have limited access or money to afford to language courses. You only need a smartphone to learn new languages in a breeze.

FunEasyLearn is one simple way to listen, read, write and speak the language you want like an expert. Almost 34 different languages like English, French, Arabic, Italian and a lot more are available in this app for learning. It comes with a game-based approach that is so effective and easy to learn. You can use the app offline and there are varied courses on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It has short, fun lessons that suit to any schedule of yours.

As you open the app, you have to sign in with your email id, Facebook or Yahoo or other account and start using it. With FunEasyLearn, you can learn every single day and keep track of your progress. With this, you can pass all the difficult levels and start earning flowers that you can use later for other subscriptions. Using this, you get to play many games with which you can improve your skills on the language of your choice.

The app works both online and offline to improve your pronunciation as you learn different letters, words, and phrases and follow the rules of the language. It focuses on around 320 topics like people, body, health, house, shopping, fashion, sport and a lot more. Users can also relate to the meaning of every single word and phrase with wonderful illustrations that make it easier for you to memorise. The app pronounces the word/phrase for you, help you listen to it and record what you got to say on the microphone. This helps you to analyse whether what you have done is right or wrong.

The review system assists you in revising all that you have learned and ensure that it is stored in your memory. New languages with different levels, content and features are being updated regularly. Kudos to the team of FunEasyLearn that encompasses certified linguists, brainy developers and smart content managers.

FunEasyLearn is completely free for download and comes with many in-app purchases for each item. It can be utilised by both iPhone and Android users. Download FunEasyLearn this instant and learn the language you want to without any interruption.

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