How to Rank in Google for Your Brand Name

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In theory, ranking first for the name of your brand shouldn’t be very hard. However, the increasing competition is making it harder and harder to dominate Google rankings. The specialists who created the online real estate platform Bricks + Agent are here to explain what you can do in order to rank first for the name of your brand and …

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4 Reasons Why You Need The Apple iPhone X


The Apple iPhone X hits stores on November 3rd and tech devotees around the world are waiting with baited breath. Lives are grinding to a halt as iPhone fans just stand there, staring into the distance in anticipation, salivating. Jobs are being lost and marriages falling apart as people abandon their duties to queue outside Apple stores, camping in tents …

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How to Engage Your Customers via Text


(Ad Feature) Text messaging, much like email and social media, is an effective way to engage with customers on a personal level. All sorts of businesses are now utilizing text messaging to reach out to customers, announce promotions, make sales, handle customer service, and so much more. With a Samsung Galaxy S8 on a carrier like T-Mobile with unlimited 4G …

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Bioryth Appslisto 700x466

Track your future daily with BIORHYTHM iPhone APP. It’s an easy to use app that helps to monitor a recurring physiological pattern in the human body periodically, This app shows the user’s physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive cycles, using their date of birth. The Biorhythm App is a great app that shows you how to manage your daily activities When to …

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Mac Data Recovery

What will you do if some mishappening occurs with your computer, such as system crash, hard disk failure or some other major problems that lead your device to become shut down or dead forever. During that situation, all your important data is lost forever. But, most of the people don’t notice this even after such kind of incidents and don’t …

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Responsive Design vs. Native App vs. Web App


Today, businesses are targeting mobile phones and its vast ecosystem as an effective way to reach out to the customers. Smartphone integration is effectively done by businesses using responsive design, native app, and web app. However, most businesses are not sure which is the best platform for reaching out to customers. They should consider multiple factors before arriving a conclusion …

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Gadget Flow – iPhone App Review

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Are you a gadget lover like me? Then you’re going to love what I’m about to share here. I’ve just discovered something which is considered as a tech geek’s paradise! Well, what am I speaking about here? The Gadget Flow. So what exactly is gadget flow? It’s a curated marketplace that helps you discover save and buy awesome products. With …

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Should You Buy an RC Car Game?


Ad Feature : I started playing RC car games at an early age. Over time, the simple hobby has turned out to one area where I pay close interest. A majority of people take remote control cars to be just for children. Well, in the real sense this is true. But once you go through the different reviews on your …

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Why is everybody buying YouTube views?


While uploading a YouTube video there is an objective behind, similarly, when a viewer decides to watch a video has a blurred image in his mind that either he is expecting quality by seeing the thumbnail or from the title of the video has created an impression in his mind. Therefore, to make your video look worth-watching, it has to …

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A Positive IMEI Checker Pro ios App Review

Imei Check 700x466

Introduction Are you planning to purchase an iPhone? Are you looking for an innovative tool to help you know the status of your iPhone before you purchase it? If your answers to the above questions are yes, then this article is here to help you out. The IMEI number is used to identify the legitimacy of your iPhone. There are …

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Cupid Dating App – The app you’ll never forget to use!


It often happens that the screen of your smartphone looks like a cemetery of icons. These icons of bright colors are good looking, and remind of applications that seemed useful for you at a certain point. The problem is that you forget to use them, despite the fact you took a strong decision to start tracking your pocket money, diet, …

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Real Money Smartphone Gaming Continues To Grow


Ever since the first real smartphones came to market a decade ago, the online gambling industry has gone from strength to strength. The fact that people can simply install any Android gambling app for fun or real money smartphone gaming whenever and wherever they choose has been a huge factor in this. It’s commonly quoted that 7/10 smartphone owners install …

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