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Black IV app is providing advanced analytics to retail traders. By demystifying complex market data and revealing valuable insights and trends, their platform transforms retail trading. Black IV – Empower Traders, which is available to traders of all levels, provides users with powerful tools to make informed, data-driven decisions without over promising. With Black IV, you can experience a new era of trading.

With HyperView, you can see what others can’t. Black IV advanced market analytics suite delves deep into the option market to uncover previously hidden patterns. All of the tools listed below are included with HyperView.

Because each user receives a personalised onboarding call, HyperView is appropriate for traders of all levels. During the call, they will assist you in refining your trading strategy and demonstrate how to use the tools to supplement your entry and exit criteria.

Moon Juice by Black IV

Juice, a dynamic oscillator, compares put and call option prices using a proprietary algorithm to assist traders in identifying unexpected option market activity and sentiment changes. Juice assists traders in making smart transactions by researching ATM, OTM, and DOTM expirations and switching expirations. Learn how Moon Juice by Black IV might assist you improve your options trading.

Greek Moons by Black IV

Greek Moons by Black IV assists traders in identifying unusual options market activity. The chart shows daily movement and provides a baseline by averaging Greek values based on expiration and money. By displaying the rate of change, Greek Moons assists in identifying significant changes caused by institutions, hedge funds, or synthetic positions. With Greek Moons by Black IV, you can improve your options for anomaly detection.

Greek Chains by Black IV

The Greek Chains chart is a useful tool for traders who want to compare day-to-day changes and see the Gamma, Delta, and Theta of each option. Traders can easily identify which strikes to select and which to avoid using this feature, or they can get a general overview of the entire options chain in a single graphic. Improve your options trading with Black IV’s in-depth analysis of Greek Chains.

Strike Selector by Black IV

To assist traders in selecting the best options for a given scenario, the Strike Selector employs the Black Scholes model and a binomial engine. The tool ranks options by percentage gain after you enter a target price and date. It works in tandem with the Theo P/L to calculate the daily breakeven for any option. This effective tool, which allows traders to analyse profit profiles of multiple options, is one of the final steps before initiating a trade. Strike Selector by Black IV helps you prioritise your analysis strikes with smart beta.

Theoretical P/L by Black IV

Theo P/L is a theoretical option profit/loss calculator that shows traders how their options will increase in value as the market shifts in their favour. Theo P/L by Black IV simplifies your option trading process.

The Feed by Black IV

The Feed assists traders in monitoring market sentiment. A retail headlines live feed displays retail investors’ reactions to market events and news. Traders can gauge retail investor sentiment by checking the Feed on a regular basis. For constant monitoring, many users leave “The Feed” open on a dedicated monitor. The Feed by Black IV keeps you informed by maintaining a constant connection to retail sentiment.

Final Words

Join Now – Using the HyperView dashboard in conjunction with IV University, Black IV empower traders to develop three to eight consistent criteria to enter or exit each trade with an advantage.



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