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Are you bored than ever before and especially after this pandemic, do you crave for an app to keep you entertained with something productive? Only puzzle apps could do that. There are hundreds of puzzle apps on the internet and all of them are not worth the download. iPrize is a puzzle or trivia app that comes with a special twist. It helps you to earn money and there are many other possibilities with it. 

Users of the app will have to sign in using their Facebook or email id. It offers free coins to begin the game. iPrize has puzzles from many categories namely Beauty, Humour, Leisure, Fauna, Food, Talents, Others and so on. There are so many puzzles in the app and once you click on it, you can see the deadline and be able to participate in it. It doesn’t matter what kind of puzzles you love, this app is something you would love for sure. 

This international platform encompasses about 130 countries and has more than thousands of users. iPrize app falls under the ‘entertainment’ category and it comes with more than 1000 contests created by people from all over the world. Among all the available tasks, the app will let you choose something that you can take part in and complete within the specified time. 

iPrize lets you get famous and earn many prizes by showcasing your skills and abilities. Apart from showcasing their talents, users will also be able to earn money. The use cases of iPrize are many and it is not just about entertainment. The app comes with a neat interface and is so easy to use.  

The app helps people who sell goods or provide services. It lets people produce something and make a successful promotion. It helps people with small businesses and entrepreneurs. A new contest can be designed by individuals to promote a product or service. A link to the contest in the form of a photo, video or story created with this app can be given on the website. This would come as a new means of attracting customers as well as motivating the people who win. They would gather 100 points or more from iPrize.

Offered by Grocemania Limited, iPrize is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later versions and with Android 5.0 and above. This app is suitable for all those above 17 years of age as it involves a little gambling with a certain number of competitions. 

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