Easeus Data Recovery Wizard – No More Casualties

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In a modern world of ours, you can find more people who know how to operate a computer than the educated ones. That’s because computers have become like a basic necessity and are part of the primary curriculum nowadays. But still, when it comes to go a little deeper inside this box e.g. when you have to partition your drives, most of us hesitate. Many of us even take online assistance in such problems and these services are charged very heavily. The only reason I can see for this irony is that we have a fear that some of our precious data might get lost in the process and that’s very true. If there is a single button pressed at the wrong time, it might lead to a disaster. Well, you should know how to prevent it but it still happens. So what’s the next step?

I am talking about the Windows and Mac app called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. After you’re done installing it on your System, you’re ready to enjoy its benefits. Let’s see how it helps you to recover deleted files and restore them back on your system.

This free data recovery application works in 3 simple steps: Define, Locate and Recover. The definition part is selecting what type of file you’re searching for. It can be a video, an audio file, any document, a picture or any other type of file. You can even select all of them if you’re looking for multiple files. Then the locate part consists of selecting the appropriate drive from where the file was lost and starting the scan. You can even pause or stop a scan and resume it later. As a caution, while installing the app make sure that you don’t install it in the same drive from where the data is lost or else the recovered data will be overwritten. Once the scanning is complete, you can preview the files with their details and recover them back to your system.

The UI of this app makes it an app-next-door. After all, how will it solve the problem if the app’s itself complex to understand! So everything’s crystal clear to you from the very first moment. All the search results are in the centre and the left tree bar has all the folders well sorted out. You can even change the view as per your choice. The right window has the details of files for preview. You can export the search results and even import them so that you don’t have to search later for the same and the recurrent recovery process becomes much faster.

So overall, what makes this app interesting and a worth to download? I would say its usability, simple 3-step process, compatibility for all types of files, ability to preview files and of course, it’s flashy free price tag. So you know the address of the bank open for everybody to get in and steal the treasure. What are you waiting for?

Pros: intuitive UI; simple 3-step process; all types of files compatible; preview; pause/stop scan; free.

Cons: none.


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