Find the Hidden Treasures in Temple Tour HD

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Treasure games with action added to the whole sequence are always quite engaging. Games where you require finding your way out to the exit point can be confusing yet thrilling and that is what makes Temple Tour HD a must download app on iTunes. The app is available both for iPad and iPhone users and the graphics of the game is quite exquisite. The app was released on 10th October 2013 and has already received a good amount of response. Temple Tour HD presented by Christian Riess and the game has lots and lots of charm added to it.
The game of Temple Tour HD has a story behind it. A traveler is lost in a old temple with lots of treasures and trap. Now he is finding his way out and you have to assist him in the same. Make him avoid traps, collect keys to unlock secrets and find his way. His goal is to reach the golden skull avoiding all the odds that may come in his way. The game is a great treat to the eyes and you are not going to get bored with so much to do. Though the control of the game is quite easy, you require mastering them and following your instinct at the same time, to win the game.
• Temple Tour HD is a HD game with good and colorful graphics that is soothing to the eyes.
• The game puts you in a temple as a traveler and you require finding your way out.
• It is an adventure game with lot of treasures to find throughout the game.
• You will have to fight the traps which can be anywhere in the game. Your response has to be quite fast in order to beat the trap.
• You can use the shop to gear yourself up with flash battery, potion, gold upgrade, grappling hook and many such things. Use the gold you have found in order to purchase these gear ups.
• The traps can appear from anywhere and everywhere and thus, you have to be cautious throughout. It can be deadly rays or a secret chamber in the ground or anything else.
• The undead guards are guarding the treasure in the temple. You have to fight them and defeat them in order to move ahead.
• You will have to find the keys to uncover secrets and once you uncover all of them you can find the golden skull that you are looking for.
• The version of 1.0 of the app is available for free and it takes around 59.9 MB space on your device.
• The app requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Temple Tour HD is a great game of graphics, numerous moves and treasure hunt. The game is divided in levels and the ultimate goal is to find the golden skull in the game.

Good: The graphics of the game is quite good and at the same time there are several twists and turns in the game.

Bad: You need to be very fast even in the beginning stages of the game and hence mastering the move can be a bit tough.

Worth Having Application : Download the Application


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