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With Email to ticket conversion, Self-service portal, Knowledge base, SLA and a host of other impressive features, your support team will select this site. It is your answer to today’s customer support needs. With FreshDesk there is nothing to download or install – you don’t have to baby-sit your helpdesk or worry about server upgrades and patches.

You focus on providing a great support experience to your customers and leave the rest to FreshDesk. It is possible to monitor incoming requests, assign requests to agents and track requests to closure. Now you can support customers through phone, email, web, twitter or Facebook.

You can automatically dispatch tickets to the right agent with powerful business rules. Keep all your customer and contact information in an easy to use online directory. You can also promote knowledge-sharing among agents by building a knowledge base on the go.

With Freshdesk there are no upfront setup fees or any kind of hidden fees. You pay a simple monthly fee; there are no contracts or cancellation fees.

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