Goal Defense – Addictive Tower Game for the iPhone

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Tower games have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past and you can find hundreds of them in the market. For a new game to be introduced in this same genre, it has to have some unique qualities with which the game can stand ahead of the crowd. A new tower game app released by Dynamic Pixels, has all the qualities to be a star in the tower games genre for the iPhone and iPad users. The basic game play is that the players have to stop the enemies by building towers which will eventually prevent them from crossing the map. The towers which are built by the players will shoot and will prevent the enemies from moving forward into the player’s territory. The player also has to protect the golden trophy by preventing enemies from stealing it.

Goal Defense is a very interesting and easy to grasp and play tower game. The player has to use wise strategies in positioning the available team members to defend the trophy. The towers and the players will posses different qualities and abilities with which they will put up a fight in protecting their trophy from the enemies. When the enemy players get defeated, then the user will gain points or money using which they can buy weapons, upgrade towers and many such things. It is essential that you position the players in a well thought out manner which will place you strategically ahead of your enemies. The arrow in the screen will point the direction in which your enemy will be running, but this will vary if you place your players in the grid positions. The characters which appear in this game are very hilarious and charming.


  • The app has 40 levels in the game each of which will involve different tactics, speed and skill level.
  • The graphics and animation used in this game are of high quality and offer a visual treat for the player.
  • The characters in this game are inspired from the old comic books and are hilarious to watch.
  • The game also has a feature in which players will be provided with the information gaming speed and the attacks that are remaining. This will help them to plan their attack in a wise manner.
  • The players can also shop various items that would be useful in their game from the game shop. Players can halt their game or switch to the shop directly.
  • Another interesting feature in this game is the ‘Use and confuse’ bonus; the players can have some real fun when they make intelligent decisions in utilizing their gained bonuses.


Goal Defense is a very interesting and addictive app for the players who enjoy playing their games for unlimited amount of time and at the same time also put their skills to the fullest use. This game can be easily downloaded from the App Store for just $ 0.99. Download Goal Defense and start having some real fun by defending the Golden Bowl Trophy.

Good – The game has a very interesting theme and funny characters to play with.

Bad – This game doesn’t allow the user to multi task; if you exit the game once then you have to start all over again.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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