Do More than Just Shifting Gears with SkidPad 3D

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The adrenalin rush that can be provided by a perfectly designed racing game cannot be found anywhere else. There are several racing games available for the android users but the games that are most entertaining and fun to play are not those drag racing games where you don’t have to do anything but to just move your vehicle towards the destination by dragging it. Now, there is something that is more interesting than drag racing and it will surely keep you on the edge of your sit. SkidPad 3D full racing game is meant for all those game lovers who enjoy speed and excitement throughout the game.

SkidPad 3D, presented by Garage game is a paid app on play store. You can download this app for $0.99 and enjoy the speed and turns of the game in your own way. Not just a simple drag racing game; this game provides you a lot of opportunity to test your skills as a racer. There are check posts in the game that you require crossing to complete your goal and then only you can reach the race. Make sure to take the least possible time as that would affect the net result. There are levels in the game but to proceed to the next level or race, you require getting at least 2 stars. The highest stars available in each race are 3.


  • SkidPad 3D is a car racing game with numerous features and gaming options.
  • There are three cars in the game with different efficiency parameters and you can choose them to win the races.
  • There are several check points in the game and you require crossing those check points to end the race.
  • You can earn up to 3 stars in each of the level but you need to earn at least two to go to the next level.
  • The cones are kept in the path as obstacle and once you hit a cone you will be charged extra time and that would result in reduced points.
  • A total of 17 levels are there in the game.
  • The physics of the game is quite simple to understand but it is not at all easy to master. You have to practice the game for a long time to master it.
  • You can always see how the track is going to be and make your strategy.
  • The control is available with touch and tilt.
  • The game also provides ease of control to the left handed people.
  • The version 0.2 of the game takes around 18 MB space on your device.
  • The game requires android 2.1 or later.
  • The 3D graphics of the game is quite soothing to eyes.

Summary: SkidPad 3D is a unique car racing game available on the play store for a very less price. The game has tricky navigation which makes it different from the drag racing games.

Good: The game control is easy to understand and the graphics is spectacular.

Bad: The game has received the highest rating till now as it does not have any drawbacks.

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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