Keep Track of Your Dog Strolls with the App Named Mean – For All Doggies

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A Dog is always a man’s best friend and he enjoys every moment with his boss. He loves it when you take him for a walk. He, like humans, enjoys the bliss of nature, passes out his nature’s call in his regular spot and admires everything that is around. How about you use an app to track your dog’s walk? Sounds good, right? Yes, as my friend suggested to me I started using the app mean – for all doggies.

Published by dotD, Inc, Mean is an app that falls under the Lifestyle category. This application records your dog’s walk. Using this, you can maintain a record in detail of the number of walks you have taken, the distance, time and the frequency of your walking routine on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. With mean, you can mark your favourite spot or park where you ought to stay for more than 10 minutes.

There is a simple one touch button which when pressed allows you to start a timer to record your dog’s walk. You can use the pause button whenever you hop into a train or other vehicle in the middle of your walk or might be when your dog wants to pee or poop. It has a dashboard that tells you the number of walks taken against the preset target values. The app allows you to create your own territory map with a heat map.

Using mean – for all doggies, you can record your dog walk, know what your dogs’ think, check your regular walking routines, manage your dog’s health and save the photos of memories taken while you walk with your dog. You can even create a fitness routine for your dog and know how happy your pup is. You can share all the activities with your family using the share button so that there can be multiple caretakers for your doggy.

Mean in short, helps you to manage your dog walks, find a dog walk nearby and connect with the family members and take care of your dog’s health. It tracks the daily walk distance your dog covers in miles, the time taken in hours and also the total number of times the walking routine has occurred.

Mean comes free of cost and offers in-app purchases starting at $2.99. There is nothing more enjoyable than taking your dog out for a walk. Try this walking app now and use it to keep your puppy healthy and fit. Adding the help of technology to help man’s best friend is definitely something that you can’t ignore.

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