Need a Lifelong Sobriety? Try the Eudaimonia Sober Living App

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If you are dealing with someone who is substance abused, you must ensure that they are provided with much care and attention. Even after treatment they might take some time to return to their normal lives. There is a higher chance of relapse when they are left in harmful environments involving violence, isolation or peer substance abuse. If we are someone who cares and wants them to have a peaceful life as usual, then we must support them with all that is necessary.

Eudaimonia Recovery Home is one such place for all those who have undergone treatment for substance abuse. The home comes with a 12-step program to enable all these people to begin a new life. The risk of relapse is higher when people are not kept under environments that are favourable and helpful to them to cope up in life after that. The Eudaimonia Recovery Home is a safe and clean place with much positivity and it helps them recover better.

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes are a structured and liable environment to the sober living in Austin & Houston of Texas and those in Colorado Springs, CO. To assist the residents better, there is an app designed by the company as well. Named commonly as the Eudaimonia Sober Living App, it helps the people living in these homes with all that they need. It gives them the requirements for the programs and the various tasks to encourage in complete recovery.

Falling under the Health & Fitness category, the app delivers 5 functions in general and let us take a look at them. Firstly, it provides all its residents with help and support on time every time. They will be able to report any complaints, get immediate addictive treatment or help from a friend. Secondly, it contains details of the sober living environment. It gives all the general information like the standards of the home, city transport info, payment plans and a lot more.

Thirdly, the app provides the full list of all the recovery activities making it simple for the clients to engage with. It contains details about the recovery meetings, schools, and employment opportunities and medication updates in order to eliminate false positives on drug tests. Fourth is that the Sober Living app helps the residents to collaborate with their other peers. It has a complete list of all the social events to assist them in scheduling and organizing outings with other residents. Finally, the app is the main contributor in making the entire process a complete fun. It boosts all those under recovery by giving scores as they take part in recovery meetings, house meetings and complete check-ins and drug tests.

Offered by Nova Recovery, The Eudaimonia Sober Living App is suitable for all iOS and Android devices and it guarantees a more fun-filled recovery experience to all its residents. 

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