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This app is available on the App Store in Health & Fitness category and it is free. It is developed by Fourdesire. The developer believes in the power of fun to solve problems in real life; its apps are aimed at helping people lead a better and healthier life through “playfulness”.

Drinking water is the primary need of human life. It has so many benefits. Water is the key nutrient every cell relies on for survival, transports proteins and carbohydrates from the food you eat to nourish your body, protect tissues and balance human body temperature the list never ends. There are a lot of benefits from drinking water enough, also at the right time. 

Plant Nanny² is all about drinking water and keep track of your water consumption. It has many attractive looks plants. These little plants are helping us to get motivated all the time. Whenever you drink a glass of water, the plants also get water and grow. As you developing your water consumption habits, the plant grows, so both of you stay healthy and hydrated. This app reminds you of when you need to drink water plus it tells you how much water you should drink daily. So, you did not get away from your schedule. 

Plant Nanny² tracks all of your water consumption and prepares records for your facility. It has a simple, attractive graphical chart to understand your progress. This app gives suggestions based on your weight and activity level, therefore you can customize your plan depends on your body condition. It keeps records as daily, weekly and, monthly wise. Hence you can easily understand your previous water drinking level and make changes to your upcoming drinking plan. 

Plant Nanny² has many small missions and rewards for your successful water intake. So, you can become motivated in drinking water. Aforementioned rewards, you can unlock and collect different types of plants. Accordingly, you can create a big beautiful plant family in your greenhouse. 

This app is free to download with the option of in-app purchases. You can purchase watering can, flower pots, plants, and many other features which will help to stay interested and motivated. It also offers a premium subscription plan called “Daily Hydration Plan”.  This ads-free version offers a free, seven-day trial that enables you to create and grow your own customized plant with a unique personality and dialogue pop-ups. Therefore, you never get bored of this app is very useful for build good habits. 

Plant Nanny² requires iOS 10.0 or later. Developer requires users will be more than 4 years old. It has many languages, so you can choose the language as per your preference.

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