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If you are a working individual and receive a lot of mail, at some point of time, it becomes difficult to concentrate on all the mails and there is always a chance to miss out some of the mails. InboxMind on iTunes is designed to help you get the maximum out of your inbox. It prioritizes the mails according to the importance in such a way that you will never miss a mail that deserves attention. It is a smart inbox application designed to make you on the top of every job.

InboxMind, presented by InboxMind LLC is a free app that you can download on your iPhone and iPad. The app is compatible to Live Email,, Hotmail, Office 365, MSN and Microsoft exchange. The app starts working from the first day you install it. It will check your activity in the history and will assign priority rating to the mails, some with get very high priority while some will get high, medium, low and someday priority and the mails will be assigned accordingly.

InboxMind changes the priority of the mail according to your action. If may need some time to learn what you think is important. It will present to you what is important so that you don’t miss. You can always adjust the priority of your emails and that is what I found to be most effective.

InboxMInd is good enough when you are working on a project. You can set names of the sender or keywords and the app will search accordingly to give you best searched details in your inbox. This can be really effective as you will not miss a single mail of the project.

One more innovative feature of InboxMind is its InboxRadio. It is a voice feature which will tell you about the summery of your inbox whenever you want. Even if it is not possible for you to go through your mails, you will at least keep a note of what to do and what not to do when you learn about the mails instantly.

You can always prioritize the response to the mail according to their importance. If you think a mail needs action today, you can set accordingly and set action for other mails on a later date. This makes your work even more precise. Once you are done with the mails you just have to select complete. The mails will be removed from your view so that you can work on other mails.

The version 1.0.1412 is available for free and it takes around 2.9 Mb space on your device. You always need an internet connection to receive the mails. It is a secured app where the password is encrypted and saved locally rather than a cloud server. It is easy to learn how to use the app and you don’t need a tutorial for the same.

Good: The app works better than what you know about the personalization of emails. It looks really good, too.

Bad: There is nothing wrong reported about the app.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App


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