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You might be suffering from type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes; you must understand how food, physical activity, and blood sugar levels interact with your body and how helpful they are in controlling your condition. You have to keep track of everything like the carb counts, insulin doses, A1C, glucose, weight and so much more to stay healthy and manage diabetes. Phone apps can simplify the way you track and care for diabetes and one such app is Quin: Diabetes Management.

This medical app is about helping people manage diabetic disease in a better way. It helps them monitor the blood glucose levels so that they can know how much food and insulin they need to intake. This app makes it easier for you to manage diabetes whether you are a novice or a longtime pro. Using this, people can consolidate all their diabetic information in one place and make more informed decisions.

The app is suitable for all the adults living in the following regions: EU or: UK, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. It works well on iOS devices that require 13.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Users who take insulin to manage their blood glucose and also undergo treatment by using insulin injections (either a syringe or pen) would benefit the most from the app.

The handling and usage of the app are simple with an intuitive interface. If you have a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), you can easily integrate the app with Apple Health and share the blood glucose levels. The app allows you to just take a snap of what food you had or just tag them. It then calculates the insulin requirement for your body in quite a few minutes. It displays a graph named ‘What’s Ahead’ that tells you what happens to your body in the next 5 hours. Personalized notifications are given by the app that allows the users to know if they have taken more insulin or the amount of insulin in the body is wearing off. The Insulin phases allow users to know when the insulin is at its strongest and the weakest. Reminders of the insulin phases for the entire day can be obtained with insulin notifications.

The app is completely free for download and is available in English. I have recommended this app to my diabetic family members and they are making good use of it. It has helped them maintain the HbA1c levels in a permissible range. The team of Quin are always ready to help you when you reach them on email or text them through the website.

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