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If you work with a big team, you will surely know how much time and effort collaboration takes. What you need is an easy interface to connect and work with your entire team as a team. Redbooth, an Android app is here to help you with that. All your tasks, video meeting, chats, time tracking and more can be accessed and done with this app. Basically, this app is here to make your life simpler by helping you organize your time, while putting in the least effort possible.

The most amazing feature of this app is that it not only allows you to collaborate with your team but also helps you handle your clients with ease. This app eliminates the need for separate apps for these two huge and important tasks. If you wish to test it, then that is easier done than said. You can avail of the free version for a period of 12 months, which allows you to work with up to 5 projects in your organisation. This covers most projects going on at a given point of time in an organization and hence is more than sufficient.

There are a host of features that make this app unique and worth trying out. Once you give it a shot, you are surely going to stick on to this one, thanks to the comfort levels and ease of use it provides. You can install this app as a cloud-based application or even use it as a local solution onsite. This way, you can have added security as per your needs. If you wish to go onsite, then you would have to contact the Redbooth team for the same.

This app also allows you to integrate with other third-party apps such as SignNow, Google Tools, and Dropbox. Additionally, it can connect to social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This is indeed the simplest and most effective way to get things done and is a commendable feature indeed.

The layout and the organization of the app is simple and intuitive. In each organization, you have your projects. Each project consists of 5 divisions- Tasks, Conversations, Notes, Files, About. The Tasks tab allows you to manage all that has to be done. It adds a list feature so that you can keep a check on everything to be done. The Tasks also have sub-tasks in order to help you keep everything organized hierarchically.

The Conversations tab and Notes tab are pretty basic and are like the standard ones across all project management systems. The Files tab allows you to upload files directly or access files uploaded elsewhere with regards to the project. The About tab is a good touch though. It allows you to set the start date, end date, project description and allows gives you a space to pin all important files. The Dashboard helps you stay updated with the latest happenings o the project. All upcoming and due tasks also appear on the Dashboard. Redbooth provides HD meetings where you can integrate audio and video chat both. It syncs with your calendar and keeps you up to date with everything you need to know about your organization.

All said and done, this app is an excellent project management tool that helps you manage your team and your clients both. With a huge collection of amazing features, this app is worth a shot for any organization.

Good: Calendar sync, HD meetings

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App