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Finding a parking space is quite a headache. Mobile apps have changed this condition and they help you find a spot, fix the time, reserve it, pay on the app either hourly or monthly and that ‘s it you are done. Apps would be greatly helpful when you go to a much crowded place like cities, shopping areas, theme parks etc.

The Way app helps you to park anywhere you go, pick your spot, book things to do and travel to any destination in your budget. It is one of the great apps when you want to find and book for parking space. Way offers convenient, cheap and efficient service unlike any other app. It assists you with ride transit, airport parking, and places to explore and is the premier marketplace for various services. 

Way has got an intuitive interface and is simply an awesome app. It works great and it always keeps you updated with the details. The app helps you keep your worries at bay when it comes to finding parking lots for your car. It comes for lower rates in the best places of the city like LA, SF, NYC and a lot other places. It gives you a ‘Way Pass’ that allows you to park your car even in the busiest spot at affordable rates.

Apart from finding parking lots for your car, Way is the easiest app that lets you decide where to go, where to dine, how to get there and a lot more. It is like one ultimate solution for instant booking of movies or any other event tickets, discovering dining places at cheaper rates and also to prepare for your upcoming adventure to the hottest places within your budget. 

Some other features include the airport shuttle tracker, city transit routes, and some other stuff like the map that help you reach the spot without any hassles. The customer service of Way is very prompt and they respond to your queries politely. Way often launches good activities that can be purchased for low rates as you visit their website

Way provides you discounts on over 100,000 activities, tours, and attractions around the U.S. and lowest priced parking for all activities. Some popular activities of Way include: Las Vegas Shows, Seattle City Pass, Atlanta City Pass, San Francisco City Pass, Boston City Pass, the New York Pass, SeaWorld Tickets, Universal Studios Tickets and the list continues.

The app does what it says and it keeps you updated regularly. Way suits all iOS and Android devices and is something that you must download this instant if you own a car. In my opinion, the app doesn’t have anything to complain about and is worth the download.

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