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Ever been put in a situation where you have missed to call the person who was expecting to begin their day with your warm wishes. It can be anything like a birthday, promotion, or driving test, people would expect their loved ones to call or come over so that they can be happier and cherish their wonderful day. It happens that you may miss out on these important days and can be put in a worrisome condition and end up spoiling their best day. When you have a tool to take care of all these days and remind you on time, it would be great right?

Yes, provided by the seller Scheduled B.V., there is one great app under the Productivity category. Yes, Scheduled App has Messages, Add New, Suggestions, and Settings as different tabs. All of this help ease the process of scheduling and sending messages. It gives you suggestions and has templates for easy process. It tells suggestions for the next 100 days and allows you to plan just in case you are hosting a party or something else to cheer them up. Scheduled App lets connecting with your iOS calendars and helps you schedule messages and makes you record every event. People can repeat the messages they need, snooze, skip, archive, or even delete them.

Scheduled App is one awesome ‘Productivity’ app that is available in the App store. It helps you send messages that are written in advance to your friend and family members. Reminders can be set on multiple platforms: Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Slack, GroupMe, Skype, LinkedIn Line, Twitter, or iMessage. With Scheduled App, you can add one or more contacts or even pick a group to send the messages. Users can choose to auto send, repeat the message, or not. They can get notifications when they choose a favorite messenger and after the successful sending of messages.

It lets people send text/messages automatically through SMS/iMessage and Email. People will be able to make a reminder for the most notable messages and can also send gifts or flowers on any approaching date that is so important for the members of your family. This app is a handy tool when you have to be the first to wish your dearest one. People can be in touch with all their beloveds at the right time when they start making use of all the excellent features available in this app.

Scheduled App works fine on iOS 13.0 or later versions and it comes with many in-app purchases at different prices. The premium and business subscriptions come for $3.99 and $4.99 respectively. Get the Scheduled App today and always stay close with your kith and kin without missing a single day that is so important.

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