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The smoke ball is the only cloud-based legal case management software that can also be accessed from a desktop computer. Manage all of your matters with collaborative case management; customize frequently used forms with a single click in document automation; pull up-to-date local forms from our library of 20,000+ court documents; track your billable hours across programmes with a single click; bill, e-file, and collect all in one place, and chat with employees and colleagues in an integrated message app.

What exactly is Smokeball?

Smokeball is a popular hybrid desktop and cloud-based law practice management software for Windows-based law firms. Its powerful document and automation features work seamlessly with Microsoft Word and Outlook. It is the accounting for advanced trusts and has the option for on-premises deployment with automation of Documents.

Key Features of Smokeball

Management of Cases/Matters

Of course, matter management is the distinguishing feature of law practice management software. On the other hand, some software is aimed at specific practice areas and may use case management in various ways to manage information specific to those areas.

Client/Contact Management

Client and other contact management is a key feature of law practice management software.

Task Management

Basic task management entails assigning tasks with due dates to different lawyers and associating them with cases/matters. Some products stick to basic task management, while others provide enough features to satisfy any Getting Things Done fan.


This feature, like email, implies a full calendar client, not just integration with Outlook or Google Calendar.


Timekeeping is an essential feature of practice management software that is useful even for lawyers who do not bill by the hour.

Document Administration

Using basic document management, you can add documents and associate them with your cases/matters.

Bookkeeping Fundamentals

This entails basic chequebook register bookkeeping, which is less comprehensive than full accounting. You should be able to keep track of your operating accounts and reconcile your balances, but full accounting software may still be required.

Accounting for Trust

This allows keeping track of your client trust accounts’ expenses and payments. Trust accounting is common without basic bookkeeping or full accounting, in which case you will require something else for accounting.

Email Management

Smoke ball is email management software automatically tracks each email against the matter, giving your team access to any email for a case.

Library of Legal Forms

Smokeball comes pre-loaded with over 20,000 automated legal forms in various Federal, State, and County jurisdictions.

Online Payments

Payment processing is increasingly being offered as a standard, or optional feature, particularly with cloud-based law practice management software.

Final Thoughts

Manage your small law firm as a business. Smokeball records every minute spent practising and assists you in focusing your efforts where it is most important — winning for your clients.

Web App: Smoke Ball


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