13 Instagram Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Reel-y Successful

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Did you know that more than 1.3 billion people from around the world use Instagram regulalry? 

Instagram is a popular social media platform associated with Facebook that allows users to view and post photos or videos.

If you are a business owner and want to increase marketing, one of the best ways to do so is with Instagram. 

Continue reading to discover some of the best Instagram marketing tips that can help you get your brand and services out! 

1. Get the Right Account

One of the best Instagram marketing tips that many people overlook is to make your account for businesses.

A business account will allow you to view data for your social media page. With a business account, you can also post ads, post-shopping options, and an area to upload contact information. Opening a standard account won’t give you access to these features and doesn’t look as professional.

Learning how to advertise on Instagram will be difficult if you create the wrong account. This option is typically selected at the beginning of creating an account. 

2. Set Some Goals

If you want to join Instagram reels for business, you will need to start by setting some goals.

Social media influencers and businesses create timelines and goals to monitor progress. While making your account, set goals to get your account better established. It is also beneficial to look at competitors’ social media sites to see what works for them and how you can incorporate those efforts into your goals.

Goals should be specific, realistic, and timely. If you are having a difficult time meeting milestones and smaller goals, don’t be afraid to make new goals. You can always adjust along the way if something isn’t effective. 

Some of the goals that you should make should involve the types of posts you want to create and how often you want to post. 

3. Know Your Audience 

If you want to dominate Instagram in 2021 you will need to know who your audience is and what they are looking for.

As a business owner, you should already know the audience you attract and who your consumers are. Knowing your audience is crucial when using Instagram because not all generations use it or have an interest.

Figure out the age range, genders, and other features of who you want to market your brand to. Instagram uses hashtags and posts with map locations. When you open up marketing to Instagram, you can reach out to new people, even some from across the globe. 

You can adjust the time of day that you make posts and the trends to follow based on who your audience is. 

4. Don’t Miss Any Details

There are only so many places to put information on an Instagram account.

Take advantage of all of the text locations that show up on your business account. The fields on your profile will be limited in the number of characters that you can use. Make sure that the information you include is accurate and concise. 

You can post business hours, a small bio, and contact information on your profile. This is a great way to also draw people to your official website so that you can increase sales. When consumers have more information, they feel more confident in getting their products or services. 

5. Select a Smart Photo

Profile pictures are like a first impression that people get when they are on social media. 

Choosing a profile picture can be a nerve-wracking thing since you want something simple but also reflective of your business. A lot of companies use their business logo as the photo, this is effective if you already have brand awareness established. 

The photos on Instagram are displayed at 110 by 110 pixels and are in the shape of a circle. The photo, however, is stored at 320 pixels. Make sure that you upload photos that are in the correct pixel range so that the displays aren’t affected. 

Although the photo appears in a circle, you can still use your square logo. Simply zoom out of the logo when adjusting your profile picture to view the logo. 

6. Utilize Ads 

Instagram ads are an effective way to reach a broader audience and grow your business. 

More than 65% of small businesses in the United States advertise online. Social media is an excellent resource for posting ads because you have access to a larger population. When you post ads on a billboard or in a newspaper, it only gets to the people who are in that community.

Although it costs a bit of money to post Instagram ads, it is an effective way to brand your company. It also takes a lot of stress off of your team, since posts will automatically go up. When posting your ads, use a call to action button that takes viewers to your site or contact information. 

7. Brainstorm Great Content

It is easy to post photos and videos on Instagram, but without using great content, no one will visit your page.

Your content should look professional and be relevant in your industry. Try to post things that people have an interest in and make them easy to understand. Avoid posting long videos with complex jargon and stories. 

Simple pieces of content are most beneficial because they get straight to the point. Stay away from the habit of posting anything and everything. It’s okay to get picky about what goes onto your profile.

8. Be Consistent 

When it comes to looking professional on Instagram and other social media, you should always aim to be consistent.

Take a look at the view of your Instagram account. Do your pictures look pleasing when they are bunched together or do they clash? Do you utilize your company colors and common themes for your pages?

Showing viewers that you are consistent helps give them security when buying your services or products. When information and posts aren’t consistent, it can lead to people questioning your services.

You should also be consistent with the number of posts you are making and when they are going up. 

9. Interact with the Community 

If you want to make the most of advertising on Instagram, you will need to interact with the community.

Instagram users can message your company, they can also comment and like the content that you post. When people are messaging you or commenting on photos or videos, don’t be afraid to respond! Talking to your audience will help get more information out and show people that you have an interest in them. 

Being responsive makes your company look more professional and provides a great chance to get customer feedback. 

10. Come Up with Creative Captions 

As mentioned above, you only have limited time and characters for your posts.

This means that whatever words and things you decide to post, must be effective. Take time to create unique captions that are helpful, fun, and informative. You should include various hashtags in your captions to attract more customers.

Captions are a perfect location to show your company’s sense of humor, mission, or story. Fill the captions up with things that are trending or will attract attention. 

11. Post Stories 

Instagram stories are a fun way to show what your business is up to between your posts.

Stories can be viewed by anyone and are up for a temporary time. When users click on your profile picture, they will see your story. This is a great place to post information about your company, talk about promotions, and interact with others. 

The best part about posting stories is that you can still use hashtags and tag other users and companies that you are making the videos with. 

12. Set up Auto Messages 

Auto-messages are a great way to market on Instagram because they won’t take much effort to do.

Messaging users allows you to get your business name out there and give people the option to visit your page. You should always start your messages with a greeting and only send messages if you have useful or informative information. 

Make sure that messages are professional and that you respond to responses promptly. 

13. Add Countdowns 

Countdowns are a fun feature that you can post on your Instagram account.

If you have a new product, service, or announcement to make, you can do it on this site. Instagram countdowns are a fun and interactive way to get your audience excited. This is an awesome feature because many businesses feel like there is less excitement with online sales. 

A countdown sticker can be added to your content and stories. This works great for sharing details about an upcoming event or project. 

Try These Instagram Marketing Tips 

Many Instagram marketing tips can make a difference in your sales and company’s success.

With as many people as there are logging into Instagram each day, this has become an excellent platform to market your brand. Staying true to your brand and being consistent can help show viewers that you are committed to providing excellent business.

Don’t be afraid to get unique with your captions and content. The more that you can attract viewers, the more sales that your company can get. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about how to use Instagram for business and improve your sales! 


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