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It adds affiliate links onto your URL’s for you, so every time an item is purchased via your shortened link you receive commission. So there is no need to use another URL shortening service when you can get paid to use You can generate income via shrtn... – Shortens your URL links – Shortens your URL links

They are service providers for URL shorteners. It also lets you select exactly what kind of page you are sharing. Incase if you are sharing a YouTube or Vimeo link, then you will be able to use a version of which has been developed for these purposes. Their... – Earn Money From URL Shortner Service – Earn Money From URL Shortner Service

This site provides you the free URL shortening service with a twist and get paid to share your links on the Internet. You can just register for an account and start shrinking. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs. Also place your links on Facebook,...