5 Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs are always having thirst of promoting their business in someway. Probably, they all know the power of social media but fail to know the importance of social media tool. Knowing the functionality and uses of social media tool will help them to attain their goal soon in start up. Social media tools will be helpful in company communication, brand exposure and business development.

I would like my post would be useful for entrepreneurs. So that I just wants to recommend some of the social media tool for them with small description. These tools have been used by the webmaster, Internet marketing geeks and start up companies. It will be definitely worth for entrepreneurs knowing about social media tools.

1. Monitter :

When we are in start up stage, we need to know that what people thinking about our business. Getting feed back is much important for our further business plans. Monitter is a social media tool that grabs the real time Twitter tweets about your services or company from twitter. Use this tool to get updates from your customers or from online geeks.

2. Youtube:

The powerful video streaming web site online. Videos are playing vital role in business promotion. A video can represent the message of 10 articles. You have thought about how youtube could help for business? Rather than text, visual demo, faq, marketing ads are more powerful for business. Getting targetted audience for your business or services is much simpler with youtube since it has huge viewers in various niches.

3. MailChimp:

Email Marketing is old but still effective for business when it done well. MailChimp is the web email list manager which will let us create mail list, campaigns, and final report statistics. It will allow us to send to 500 subscribers free mails per month. Mailchimp is having wonderful API which helps us to integrate it with our own tools, application, content management system or CRM system.

4. Get Satisfaction:

Business may be at preliminary level or top level, customers are always king and more valuable to any kind of business. Bringing them right support at right time is more important for business. Get Satisfaction provides a community forum where you customers can ask questions and get answers and can find solution their problem at right time. Get Satisfaction is must have community management tool for your business.

5. Linkedin Network:

Popular professional networking site with the slogan of “ Relationship Matters “ which is 100% true in every business. Without strong relationship with your customers and partners, no one can reach success. Linked in network will help us to make strong bond with experts in our fields, start up companies, end users and community related to our business. Linkedin is offering this kind of services in Free and premium paid platforms.

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