6 Tips to Select Right Project Management Tool

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Choosing the right project management tool can woo or boo your business dealings as these tools help you to be organized and is essential that you choose the right tools, which has the right utilities to suit your needs and the right level of security. However,the success of your project will ultimately depend on the people whom you are working with and the trust that you have on each other and the loyalty and dedication that the entire team maintains towards the project.

Here are some of the things that you need to take care to select the right project management tool,

1. Identify your requirements using the following criterion:

Check out for the essential utilities by scaling your needs using the following criterion as a measure of productivity of the product:

** Use- how big the change is foreseen – simple, personal, collaborative or an enterprise. This will tell you how many people can get connected with no compromise on the performance of the tool with increase in number of people being incorporated.

** Management paradigm, which means whether you are conventional in your dealing or not?

** Process maturity will involve the following attributes that will be driving the course of the project like chaotic, active, efficient, responsive and business driven.

** When the questions of implementation come, are you going to do this by yourself or are your going to use SaaS model?

** And your budget, small, mediocre or big?

2.Looking for essential features:

When you are choosing your project management tool look for the following essential features like project organization, ability to monitor and assign people specific tasks, maintain confidentiality of the files, folders shared, tracking time, automatic and progress updates on projects and tasks assigned using individual email addresses,ability to manage documentation individually and separately for various tasks.

3. Try and test before you invest:

When you are thinking of choosing a project management tool, the best option is that make sure this works out well with your employees and they are capable of using the tool in ease. You may be good in using a tool better than your colleagues. So check how much user-friendly the tool is and how much support and time will be required for giving training to your employees.

Nevertheless, some of the other key actions to be tested will include:

a. Enter tasks and task lists for setting milestones.
b. Create due dates and the check the calendars for upcoming events and jobs.
c. Test automatic notifications.
d. Changing responsibility of the tasks
e. Closing tasks and events
f. Other requirements based on your project.

4. Read the reports:

Find out what kind of reports the project management tool can generate and how much useful those tools and reports will be for your project. There is no point in using a tool, because everyone else is using them. Some of the important objectives
while looking for this will include the time tracking capability of the tool, milestone achievements and pending achievements, overdue and overdone tasks and how much each of the employees have on their platter.

5. Determine what you would like to automate:

Find out the efficiency with which you can automatically reschedule tasks and assignments, change due dates and provide extensions in ease.

6. Look for a software that will help you in the longer run:

You may be requiring a tool that can handle multiple projects and this has been mentioned elsewhere that you decide on the tool depending on the vastness of your business.

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