Top 15 Companies with Great Digital Strategies

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One of the biggest elements of success in business comes from having a killer digital marketing strategy. The competitiveness that exists in today’s business world continues to grow as technology improves. That’s why finding the right marketing strategy is critical.

When you invest in digital marketing, you truly invest in the future of your brand. Finding the right team to create your digital strategy can be stressful. You need to be sure you find a team that is not just affordable, but that also has the skills needed to bring your business success. Many businesses turn to remote teams to find the best web developers for their IT projects. The cost of developer in Ukraine is definitely more affordable, but that’s not the only benefit of outsourcing your development projects.

Let’s take a look at some of the top companies when it comes to getting it right with their digital strategies. We’ll explore the importance of a good digital strategy and what these companies did to find success.

The Role of a Good Digital Strategy in Your Company’s Success

Once your business gets off the ground, building an online presence is essential. What most companies don’t know is that there’s a lot that goes into this process. Building a website, marketing your website, improving the user experience, and building new ways for your customers to engage with your brand are all parts of a successful digital strategy. As AI and IoT continue to advance, there’s so much more to development projects today than there was only a few months ago.

Since technology is ever-changing, it’s important to find a comprehensive team that can handle all your development projects. Timeliness and quality-work are essential qualities, but you also want to find a team that is dedicated to your brand and capable of bringing you more as your business progresses. While your original need may be to hire web developers for project that involves creating a new website, you will eventually need digital marketing and maybe even app or software development. Since you don’t want to have to hire a separate app development company, for example, you should try to find a team that is multi-faceted.

When you have a solid digital strategy, you will open the door to new possibilities and the opportunity for business growth. The true key to success is to constantly find new ways to expand your reach and target new customers. But it’s important to maintain relationships with your current customers as well. You don’t want to just find the best web developers to hire. You want to find a development team that believes in your brand and is dedicated to helping you grow your business. These qualities combined with the right skills and talents, and you have truly unlocked the key to sustainable success in the future.

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful companies when it comes to getting it right with their digital strategies.

1.          Zappos

While there are many reasons Zappos has found remarkable success, their customer commitment tops the chart. As a leading online shoe store, Zappos combines all the essentials for a killer digital strategy. This includes:

  • A commitment to customer satisfaction
    • 365-day money-back guarantee
    • Free shipping
    • Free returns and exchanges
  • An easy-to-navigate, responsive online store
  • Effective social media campaigns
  • Great content

One of the biggest lessons you can learn from Zappos is the importance of quality content when it comes to your online presence. Of course, the company invests heavily in online marketing, but that’s because they’ve seen a return on that investment many times over. Zappos uses content marketing to bring their customers what they need and they manage all their advertising platforms effectively and consistently.

2.          Lyft

Rideshare companies are no longer up and coming, they are here in full force. Lyft is one of those rideshare companies that is doing it right when it comes to their digital strategy. They know they offer a service that is essential to everyday society. Because they offer something great, Lyft didn’t necessarily need to invest thousands of dollars into traditional online marketing. This is an example of the importance of knowing your audience and targeting them the right way.

Online reviews have made word-of-mouth advertising much more effective for today’s top companies. Lyft is an example of a company that has capitalized on online customer reviews. The company also offers incentives to its customers, like free rides, to spread the word. It’s a fast and effective way to broaden your reach and increase revenue.

3.          American Express

American Express is an example of a company that has created a community surrounding their brand. AMEX has created a content-rich mega-site that ranks well in the search engines because of the value it brings to its community. By finding industry leaders that can create valuable articles on their page, they have essentially built their audience and increased traffic by using other sources to grow their brand.

4.          Airbnb

In 2017, Airbnb was listed to have a value of $31 billion. Their digital strategy is actually quite simple. The company relies on images and videos generated by users to deliver their online presence. Essentially, Airbnb is a crowdsourced hotel service. The demand for their product is huge and owners use their website and app to make money renting their property.

5.          Walmart

Walmart is pretty much a household name these days, but its shift towards online sales skyrocketed the company from being just your neighborhood superstore. Walmart’s digital strategy has allowed the brand to stand pretty close to the king of eCommerce, Amazon! There are a few reasons that has been possible. They have invested in their online presence big time. Not only have they kept up with the customer demands for a variety of high-quality product lines, but they have also made shopping easy. Customers can shop online or from their mobile device. And they’ve implemented things like stock availability and price checks into their app for even better customer experience.

6.          Mint

Mint used an effective online marketing strategy to push its startup personal finance business to the top. The company used content marketing to create a viral buzz around their business. This commitment of time and money allowed them to stand out in the crowd fast as they build a sense of trust and value around their brand.

7.          Nike

Just do it, right?! The popular athletic brand, Nike, has used social media to build a brand awareness that is unmatched. The brand uses a combination of social media marketing, paid advertisements, and content marketing to put their products in front of millions of users. Add an easy-to-use eCommerce store with great digital technology to the mix and there’s no stopping this brand.

8.          Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club stands out because the brand truly targets its customers. The company took off because one of their marketing videos went viral. They encourage customers to “not take themselves too seriously” and use their marketing campaigns to reinforce that message. Most people need razors, so why not create a digital strategy that makes customers feel good about your products.

9.          Domino’s

Dominos took the everyday American tradition of ordering pizza and transformed it into the ultimate experience for their customers. By making it extremely convenient and simple to order pizza through their custom app, the company increased its revenue substantially. Now customers can order dinner with the click of a button or even by simply talking to Alexa. This new trend set the bar high for other food delivery services and shot Domino’s to the top of the industry.

10.    Sephora

Sephora has recently invested a good amount of money in improving technology and using data analytics to target their customers. While they started as a brick-and-mortar store, they have moved into online sales and even subscription services over the years. The recent release of their makeup product app uses AR and AI to allow customers to try on products virtually. This was certainly a game-changer.

11.    Starbucks

Starbucks delivers a personalized user experience with its mobile loyalt app. Customers can easily find the nearest location, place an order, or pay for their coffee on this convenient app. The brand also uses great social media strategies to develop user-generated content on their social profiles.

12.    Tesla

There’s a reason Tesla is one of the younger car manufacturers but still ranks among the top brands in the world. Of course, the popularity of CEO Elon Musk has a little to do with it. But, the brand also uses live-streams on social media to engage their customers and create hype around their brand.

13.    Lego

While Lego is a child-focused brand, the company does a great job engaging a whole community of followers. Lego sees great engagement rates in their social media communities. They have also created amazing apps that teach kids to code and brand advocacy through their “Lego Life” program. They’re a great example of a comprehensive social strategy.

14.    Jetblue

Jetblue has taken a different approach to social media marketing and it’s been very effective. Instead of using their social platforms to showcase their sales, promotions, and deals, they use it to deliver great customer service. Customers can easily tweet to Jetblue and expect a quick reply. They take the focus off self-promotion and give the image that they truly care about the customers they serve.

15.    IKEA

Through the launch of the IKEA Place app, this company has use augmented reality to transform the customer experience. This shows customers that they are a forward-thinking and innovative brand. Customers can view pieces of furniture right in their own living space through the app.

How Do I Find the Right Team for Your Digital Strategy?

Now that you have some ideas, it’s important to understand how you can find a software developer in Ukraine for your next project. As mentioned earlier, outsourcing to another country is often the most effective way to get high-quality work for affordable prices. The going rate for a developer in Ukraine varies depending on the technology used for your project.  For example, the cost of Python developer in Ukraine will be different than the cost of a Nodejs developer in Ukraine.

Ukraine varies depending on the technology used for your project.  For example, the cost of Python developer in Ukraine will be different than the cost of a Nodejs developer in Ukraine.

Prices may also vary depending on your project. For example, if you work in the financial industry, you might need a Crypto developer in Ukraine. Or, if your project is multi-faceted, you might need to hire a whole developer teams in Ukraine. Once you find a company you can trust, talk to them about the different options you have to complete your project. If you’re building an online store, for example, you might want to hire someone doing a Magento developer internship in Ukraine.

As always, your focus should be quality work first. When you find a team you can trust, you’ll be on your way to building a successful digital strategy like the companies we mentioned above. Who knows, you might take your industry by storm like Domino’s did when they transformed the way we order pizza. You might be the go-to online store like Walmart has become thanks to their effective digital strategy. Or, you might be a household name thanks to social media just like companies like Nike and Tesla. 

Whichever way you find success, one thing remains. It all starts with a great idea, a valuable brand, and an effective digital strategy to grow your business for future success. 


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