A Look at the Session Private Messenger App

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It’s true to say that there are so many messenger services available for smartphones today. Some of them have become exceptionally popular, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat and TikTok. In fact, according to research done by Statista last year, WhatsApp is the world’s most-favoured messaging service, followed closely by the Facebook Messenger service. Yet, there will likely always be developers looking to introduce their own service to the mass that exists, and Session is the latest to become available.

Now, when it comes to using messaging services, the main concern of most users is the security of these apps. Despite this, WhatsApp has still managed to top the rankings again and again. When it comes to the Session Private Messenger app though, the system is built on a unique network of servers, and these are managed by users that are distributed around the world. Operating without a central server is the challenge that most private messengers are facing, but Session does so, and in the process, it provides the guarantee of private routing protocols.

You don’t need to possess a phone number to be able to utilise the Session app’s services, which also goes towards the privacy that it provides. Where many standard messaging services require you to input your phone number (and several also wish to gain access to your contacts and other meta data), Session doesn’t follow the same route. Instead, it operates as a fork of the Signal app, providing a largely identical service where functionality is concerned. Yet, during the setup process, you won’t be asked for your phone number with Session.

Using Session and Its Features

The standard chat functions are available through Session, allowing you to record voice messages, utilise a GIF search, send files to others and participate in group chats. You can also add contacts to Session by scanning a unique QR code or by exchanging the Session ID. Groups can also be shared via a link, if you so wish.

Another advantage that it provides is end-to-end encrypted group chats. So, perhaps you’re intending to participate in some sports betting, and you’d like to inform everyone what you think the best horse to wager on is. Well, to stop any sort of privacy leak, you could add up to 10 people to the group and let them know. And if you want to find an online sportsbook to do this through, then we’d thoroughly recommend using the Betenemy platform, as it compares and contrasts various different platforms. It’s one of the very best for reviewing such sites.

The Session Messenger app can be downloaded for Android devices through the Play Store or you can download it for Windows, macOS and Linux computers as an alternative. The same Session ID is usable on all of the devices you opt to download it to – at least, in theory. When you install the app for the first time, it creates a new session (which is where it gets its name from, naturally!). This is protected by a recovery phrase, so if you opt to change your smartphone at some point, you can continue your session on the new device by utilising that same phrase.


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