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Many young adults go to university for a handful of reasons; to further their education, to socialise and meet new people in a different city, or even just to go and party. However, many students find it difficult to manage their time between each of their things to do within their university experience and therefore the use of the below applications will help to ensure that they are getting everything they need to be done completed.

The first purchase in which we would recommend for students to make when they join up to university would be the Microsoft Office package which will ensure that they have all of the platforms to be able to complete all your assignments. With Microsoft Office, you get a whole host of different tools, but the main ones that university students will be looking to use will be PowerPoint, Word and Excel which all have different benefits for different students depending on your course.

Many students have been looking online to try and produce more money so that they can live a better life whilst at Uni and has given them the platform to be able to turn big profits on games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Not only that, but these specific casinos offer the opportunity to sign up quickly as they don’t have a verification process.

Due to the amount of workload that students have to complete during their time at university, the majority of the time they have a to do list that needs completing for not just university work, but everyday tasks too. is the ultimate to do list app on the market right now available for Android and iOS and filling out this app daily and completing it – there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are getting stuff done! The best thing about this app too is that it comes with a pre-built widget in which you can add to the home screen of your phone to know you are always reminded of what you need to be doing.

And finally, one of the best ways to get around as a student, especially after a night out when you have been drinking, is via Uber. Uber has changed how we travel around a city as expensive taxis have now been eradicated as Ubers seem to take over inner-city travel. Not only that, but Uber has ensured that we are now able to travel around out university city at a cheap rate which is now affordable for students.


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