Best Practices to Contact Your Internet Provider’s Support

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Since customer service is considered as a core element for the success of any business, it has evolved to a great extent during the past few years. Organizations are paying a great deal of attention to this department to make it as easy for customers to reach out as possible. Unlike in the last 10-15 years ago, where you only had the option to pick up the phone and call the company to reach the customer service desk, today we have several means of communication to choose from, each with its unique aspects: phone, email, SMS, video chat, YouTube, Twitter and Internet platforms, just to list the obvious ones. Each mode of communication has a different agenda and comes up with advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is a smart thing to be aware of the pros and cons of each channel and find out which way of communication best suits you in different situations. Below we’ll be mentioning some of the most popular ways to contact your Internet service provider’s support. Let’s get started!

Phone Call

Phone Call is the oldest and is considered to be the most convenient way of communication. It falls under the synchronous channel category as it requires the joint participation of the caller and user to be available at the same time. This allows them to figure out a common ground where the problem can be addressed easily and all the questions would be answered effectively, whilst having an effective dialogue back and forth. The most notable disadvantage of this source is, the waiting time could be massive sometimes and you have to wait in line before an agent is free to take the call. Additionally, if you are outside of the hours of operation, there is no way to get in touch with the company, no matter how urgent or critical the problem is. Nevertheless, some businesses do provide assistance all day long, for example, spectrum customer service is open 24/7 and ready to handle everything expertly and provide solutions to any queries in a matter of minutes to hit the customer’s satisfaction mark.

Live chat

Live chat comes under the same umbrella as a phone call, as it as well needs someone to be present at the same time. It could be a Chabotor a real human behind the operation of this channel. Live chats are usually considered to be a faster way to get in touch with the comparatively limited waiting time. The Chabotis proving useful to companies because it can gather data through various networks to get a clearer understanding of who the customer is and the reason for their call. This, in essence, helps members and staff to communicate with the client whom they want to deal with. It also helps to proficiently direct clients, which decreases the total queuing and session time, resulting in increased customer satisfaction overall.It is also considered to be the most casual way of communication and clients find it a comfortable way of getting their issues solved.


All kinds of contact networks are called asynchronous networks, such as SMS, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Email allows you to send your questions easily whenever it is feasible to you, and likewise, you can respondwhenever it suits you. Since you don’t have to wait for the agent to be present simultaneously, you can easily carry on with certain tasks that you have once your email has been sent. From a company point of view, you don’t have to think about gearing up or manage the busy hour in case you don’t have clients queuing on the line. Furthermore, you can easily add photos of something that gets damaged or screenshot of the specific fault, via email. And receiving a PDF instruction sheet as an attachment would be an easy way of repairing your connection, rather than demonstrating on the phone call.


The situation for SMS is very close to email, you don’t wait for the agent to respond to your message. Based on the workload and the support team’s performance, you might expect a response back in a few hours or even a day or two. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you get an immediate response or not, once you’ve sent your question.

Social Media

Social media platforms are without a doubt the easiest way of communication.Companies pay the most attention to social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram since they consist of billions of active users around the world. They work pretty much like live chats and get back to you in a short time.


The aforementioned points give you an insight into when and how to utilize each channel and for what purposes. Similarly, it is recommended to determine how quickly each of these channels respond so that you can choose each of these ways according to the need of situation.


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