Best time killing apps for Android

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The people today are always going somewhere or waiting for something – going to work by bus or metro, traveling to relatives in other countries, waiting in the queue at the store, at the hospital, at the hairdresser. Every day we need to kill time with something, so we are not completely bored or lost in our thoughts. That is why it is great to have some time killing apps on your smartphone.

The most popular way to kill time is scrolling social media, for sure. But these apps are also killing your battery really fast. Not something that you expect at the beginning of the day. Another very popular applications are online casinos. That is a very popular way to kill time and have fun. And also you can earn some money with online casinos. For example, in China 这张网页, this page is very popular among citizens of megapolises because it offers a big range of online casinos to choose.

Time killing games

Also, there are some offline games that can help you to have fun and kill some time while waiting or on the way to your office. The most popular time-killing games for Android are the following:

  • 2048 – some exercise for your brain with a math-oriented game
  • QuizUp – for fans of trivia games
  • Jammin’Jars – the colorful matching game with fruits and jewels
  • Bubble Wrap – for those who want to release stress and are crazy about popping bubble wrap

These games can catch you for several hours. NativeCasinos prepared the review of the top games so you will not notice how the time flies by.

Useful time killers

If you want to kill some time but also make it useful, we recommend you apps that will allow you to learn something new. For example, if you always wanted to learn some new language but couldn’t find time for language school. Why not do it just 30 days a day while going to work with your smartphone? For example, Duo Lingo has more than 20 different languages available for its users. The learning will also be in a game format that entertains and teaches at the same time.

Online Casino

If you want to make some real money or just to spin the roulette while going to work or waiting in the queue, mobile casino applications and online casino are the options for you. On the web page NativeCasinos you can check the best casinos, recommended by the experienced and independent experts. Also, it is great that more than 100 000 users trust this service and return to write thank you.

There is also some other interesting time-killing apps, for example, Perfect365. You can spend hours trying the new hairstyle or hair color. Always wanted to try some crazy makeup? You can try it in the app first and check how will you look like.

Nowadays, in the world where every person has a smartphone, it is very easy and at the same time very hard to find a great app that can entertain you and help you to kill some time. Mostly they are some games, quizzes or mobile casinos. You can always find something for your current mood. If you are motivated to learn something new, you can do some quizzes or even learn a new language. If you just want to relax your brain a bit after hard working during the day, try to play some matching games, puzzles or online casinos. If you are really good at Poker, you can also make some money from it, just give it a try.


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