Looking to Earn Some Cash This Diwali? Play Online Cash Games!

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The hunt for earning cash by playing online games has been on a steady rise since the past few years. If you are confused which game is your safest bet to earn real money, online cash games of rummy are an excellent option this season. The festival of lights is bringing India’s favorite card game back once again to the limelight by releasing several online rummy tournaments and online cash games to benefit players of all degrees.

However, this blog is for those who are new playing rummy online and are confused about their options. We will lay them out for you.

Online Cash Rummy Games

For starters, the best way to explore some fruitful options that can earn you real money in rummy is by exploring different variants of the game. Once you figure out the options that are at play, you can make an informed decision and really understand how to acquire maximum benefits in this game. Let’s begin by talking about the most popular variants of rummy cash games that are featured in almost any real money rummy app in India today.

Points Rummy

Points rummy is a variation of 13 card rummy game that’s quick and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to learn. A few practice games and you can directly switch to playing this variant for cash.

Core Objective: All players must form valid combinations of sets and sequences first among all players to score zero points and win the game. Online cash games of Points rummy are ideal for beginners to start their real money journey and are also easily available in all real money rummy apps in India.

Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is also a variation of 13 card rummy and similar to Points rummy but it comes with a twist. This variation is further divided into two sub variants- 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. Both these variants of online rummy cash games carry cut off points 101/201. Once you reach or exceed these points in the scoreboard, you are ruled out of the competition.

Core Objective: Keep your points within the cut off mark and try to score zero points to win the game. Another interesting variant of online rummy cash games that you can find in popular Indian real money rummy apps.

Deals Rummy

Deals rummy game is another fun variant of rummy that you can play on real money rummy apps today of you are bored with the regular variant. The basic rules are the same as all 13 card rummy games, however, you play this variant with chips.

Core Objective: Each player must aim to steal all their opponent’s chips to win both the game and their money. Online cash games of this variant is double the fun that almost resonates with few elements of poker.

Gin Rummy

Gin rummy has been a family favorite for generations and now rummy fans have made it popular even online! This variant is played with 10 cards and players get rewarded for scoring more points unlike the 13 card variations of rummy. A player also has the option to knock and end the game if his deadwood (idle cards in the hand) scores less than 10 points.

Core Objective: The basic aim of Gin Rummy is to score maximum points, typically 100 before anyone else by quickly forming sets and sequences. If you manage to meld all your cards without deadwood, you call “Gin” and win the game by securing 25 bonus points in addition to your opponent’s points. Online cash rummy games of this variant are double the fun due to its dynamic twists.

These are by far the best options you will enjoy playing for real money. If you wish to get started today, we have few options that will get the cash rolling into your account. India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site is hosting a few Diwali special games rolled out for all rummy fans this month.

RummyBaazi Diwali Special Tourneys

Diwali Cash Fest

  • The Cash Fest is a player driven promotion where players can play online cash games of Points Rummy and earn Reward Points for free.
  • Play online cash rummy games of micro/low/mid or high stakes
  • Hit specific targets and win an instant bonus worth up to 4LAC!

Interested players may check out the Monthly Promotions page of RummyBaazi to check out the specific targets.

Wednesday 50K Tourney

Weekdays are not boring anymore, hit the tables every Wednesday at 8PM on this real money rummy app and play this rummy tournament for just 500 rupees to win real money from a 50K prize pool. There’s another option wherein you get a free ticket by making a deposit of 1000 rupees using code, “WED50K”.

All said and done, we hope you enjoy playing online cash games on real money rummy apps like these and win real money with your killer skills this Diwali!


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