Mobile Trends That Are Dominating 2019

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Anyone keen on technological advancements and how they are affecting our day-to-day activities should be interested in understanding and keeping track of current mobile trends. Regardless of the industry, you work in, mobile technology cannot be overlooked. These trends are important, particularly to people involved in app development, social media marketing, content creators and creatives at large. Trends should be the lens through which the aforementioned demographic should look to expand their reach and project the future in a bid to establish their foothold in this ever-changing world.

1.       Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a preserve of high-end computers that control nuclear plants and data centres; it has found its way to mobile devices. And the result is nothing short of improved and personalised user experience that has never been experienced before. YouTube, for example, has personalised recommendations based on the videos you’ve watched in the past. Voice assistant software like Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant followed the same trajectory; they not only “know” a user’s voice but can be used to control both mundane and basic tasks such as playing music, reading texts, and even spicing up your day by telling jokes.

2.       Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, AR, has become a dominant force in the mobile niche in 2019. In AR, software-generated animations are superimposed on real objects to create different effects. Games such as The Machines can be played on any surface. Well, thanks to AR. The most popular AR game, Pokemon Go, was an instant hit in mobile gaming thanks to the different gaming experience brought into the market. Did you know? Instagram uses AR to generate filters that make your face look smoother and adds virtual hats, glasses or 3D animations. Even some of the best Payforit casinos offer AR casino gaming. The examples are more than your fingers can count.

3.       The Internet of Things(IoT)

Many household appliances are now connected to the internet and are synced to mobile phones using apps. This has brought in a world of possibilities that have never been experienced before. Now, because of this technology, parents can check on their babies through baby monitors which are essentially cameras synced to their phones through an app. Nanny cams use the same principles. Owing to IoT, appliances such as the thermostat can now be regulated right from our phones. We can now easily draw our curtains using apps. Smart refrigerators can suggest snacks based on the food stored inside. The possibilities can only increase.

4.       Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has brought about a great deal of improvement to our general well-being. Smartwatches and fitness bands not only tell us the time but through their synchronisation with apps, gives crucial information such as heart rate and even issues a warning to other parties in case of an emergency. Those keeping fit can now keep track of their steps, and by extension, track calories lost.

5.       Mobile Apps Revenue

According to data from Apple and Google, revenue from mobile apps increase by an average of 34% from 2016 to 2017. This number has increased and is expected to reach $190 billion in 2020.

Technology is morphing; for successful and efficient operations, every industry has to find a way to adopt it.


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