5 Must Read Project Management Books

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Every successful project managers has been inspired by some expert in industry. They may follow the ways of them by reading their notes, books or blogs. Yes, there are plenty of experts are publishing the tricks and tactics on project management. In this fast world people are not having time to even read daily news paper. In this blog, I would like to suggest some of the important project management books been published by experts which could be fill your leisure time with fruitful tips. Just note down the books name and try to read to do little research on experts methodology on project handling.

1. Critical Chain by Eliyaha Goldratt :

In this book author has written about simple management concepts which he called as “business novels”. Author also explains about maximizing production flow, critical path management, sources of delay in projects, vendor management and few more concepts in his own way. The book available on more ecommerce store around the price of $16.00, the book is worth to read and to buy.

2. Dennis Lock’s Project Management:

Dennis Lock – Famous author in writing project management concepts efficaciously. He has released the editions upto 9th. The book includes the initial appraisal to closedown. You can find collection of unique techniques for project management which suggested by author. Some topics are factors for project success or failure, risk management, project organization structure, scheduling people, scheduling cash flows, managing project cost and more. Book is available on amazon store for $59.95

3. William Pinkerton’s Project Management:

William J. Pinkerton is an author of this book and he focus his theory on Achieving Project Bottom-Line Success. Book will teach you how to focus on bottom-line results and thinking out of decision making process. This book specially helpful for project stakeholder, those whom faces project failures often, executive managers, general managers, maintenance managers, purchasing agents, field engineers and financial planners. This book available on amazon store for just $32.97

4. Visualizing Project Management by Kevin Forsberg:

Author illustrate well about how the step by step process has to be proceed for successful project management. He added powerful techniques of project management, scheduling projects and decision making. You can also learn about 10 essential elements for innovative project approach for project cycle. Books contains wonderful 3d models and graphic chart for readers. Book available on amazon store for $31.49

5. PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge)

PMBOK is contributed by PMI (Project Management Institute) members which will bring you different aspects of handling projects since it came from more contributers. It will bring you set of standard terminology and guidelines for project management. It covers project Integration management, project scope management, project time management, project cost management, project quality management, project risk management and more. All project management people can use it as general guide for their project management problems. It is available on amazon store for $37.16

Hopefully, my suggestion on project management books will make reading habit for you. Just read those books on your leisure timing to make your projects even more successful.


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