Reasons to Buy Prescription Sunglasses At Designer Optics

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Summer is a beautiful season, just like the other three-season bringing high temperatures, rains, and bright sunlight. This bright sunlight means highly intensive UV rays. These UV rays get into our eyes, causing us difficulty to see and are harmful to our eyes. We need to protect our eyes from UV rays, and we do this by wearing sunglasses. And this would not be wrong to say that sunglasses are an international symbol of summers. They are not just used to add style in our daily life or as fashion, but they have the ability to reduce sunlight as well.

Just like advancement takes place in everything, from technology to fashion and to food, the same goes with sunglasses. Now, most of you must be wondering that what kind of advancement can take place in sunglasses. Well, apart from having new and best designs, new high-quality glasses and lenses have been introduced with various features. For Example, the latest thing that we can talk about related to sunglasses is Prescription sunglasses at Designer Optics.

Prescription glasses are a combination of Sunglasses and simple prescription glasses. These are specially made for people with weak eyesight or people having an eye disease or disorder. You can customize them with your personal vision prescription, which makes them worth it. They are available to everyone. These are now recommended by doctors more than any other solution to people with eye problems. Prescription Sunglasses have been proving their usefulness since they are introduced, and no disadvantage or harm has been observed since then.

Reasons why you should get Prescription Sunglasses for yourself

Apart from protection from UV rays, there are other reasons as well that will make you buy a pair of prescription sunglasses for yourself immediately. A few of them are given below:

  • Protects your eyes in every situation

These glasses will definitely protect your eyes in the sunlight, but it will also protect your eyes on a cloudy day when the sun isn’t out, but its rays come crossing through the clouds. Almost 90% of the UV rays pass through an especially when cloud cover is thin or patchy.

  • You cannot wear two pair of glasses at a time.

This problem is mostly faced with people with weak eyesight. They try to wear their prescription glasses over their sunglasses, and in this way, you can ruin both your pair of glasses. This helps you to get rid of this problem. Now you just have to wear one pair of glasses that will protect your eyes and provide clear vision.

  • Acts as a shield

Apart from protecting your eyes from UV rays, it also protects your eyes from debris like sand, dust, and other irritating particles. Yes, they won’t block 100% of these particles, but they help a lot and provides maximum protection.

  • Polarized lenses

These prescription sunglasses are available with polarized lenses. These specialized lenses are great at reducing glare and improving visual clarity. You can easily carry out outdoor activities with the help of them.

  • Wearing contact lenses every day

A lot of people have weak eyesight, and they prefer wearing contact lenses over wearing prescription glasses. And this is how they can wear sunglasses comfortably too. But wearing contact lenses every day is not easy every day. So if you want a few days off from wearing these contact lenses, prescription sunglasses are here to help, and you don’t have to worry about clear vision.

  • Best for nearsighted people

If you are nearsighted, know that prescription sunglasses will work best for you. People with Myopia do not have trouble when they are at home working, reading, or getting things done. For them, working outside the house is difficult, and that is when they need prescription sunglasses most.


These glasses are totally worth it! You should definitely check them out from your nearest optical centers, and you won’t regret having them.


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