The Latest Trend in Keywords Ranking

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Most businesses are concerned about using SEO to ameliorate their traffic; the main keyword ranking definition primarily refers to what position their page has in search results for particular keywords.

For any specific target keyword, the pages will have a specific position that they appear at on the search engine results page or the SERP. Search engines utilize algorithms to actively measure and scrutinize website elements like features meant with content, meta-data, internal links, navigation, link structure, and more.

This is what keyword ranking in SEO efficaciously means being able to design, set up, and adeptly optimize a site in order to raise the rankings in search engines. The websites which are higher quality would have better keyword positions, and websites that are lower quality will have lower keyword kind of positions.

Knowing About Keywords Ranking

Keyword rankings in SEO mainly refer to your page’s specific spot on the search results pages for a specific search query. When users enter search terms into Google that qualitatively relate to your page’s subject matter, whichever spot your URL is illustrated in is your keyword ranking.

Search engines enumerate about 10 results per page, and higher keyword rankings mean being closer to the top of the page towards spot #1, lower keyword rankings mean being closer to the bottom spot #1. This keyword ranking definition also adeptly refers to which page in the SERP a URL is illustrated on, with more respective results shown on page 1, and fewer kinds of relevant results appearing on page 2 or beyond.

You have no way to convey search engines like Google or Bing which keywords you wish a page to rank for directly, they will primarily process the content on the page and effectively decide for themselves. You have no minimum or maximum number of keyword rankings a page could have.

Google also defines keywords as key terms which are utilized in the written content of the website pages. This primarily suggests that a keyword ranking definition is for key phrases and words that would exist on the web page as primarily found by Google. This apt idea wholly represents the link between keywords utilized on a site for SEO and the keywords that are utilized by web searchers.

Understanding the SERP

When users discuss keyword position they are almost always referring to where a specific page ranks in the main organic listings of 10 results per page. You have the main links in the middle of the page and are what most people are popular with.

Get a breakdown like this

  • Rank Spots #1-10 are on the first page
  • Rank Spots #11-20 are on the second page
  • Rank Spots #21-30 are on the third page
  • And so on…

With SEO marketing the 10 organic spots on each page are what is most crucial. These 10 spots only comprise organic results which are not paid ads or results for other Google channels like image results or shopping results which are tracked separately. It is enumerated that the better the rank and the more traffic.

A study report says that the #1 result here has an average click-through rate of 31.7% thus making it 10x more likely to get a click than lower results. It is why having an SEO strategy built on good quality keyword research is crucial since it could assist sites to target their most valuable existing keyword rankings – and actively gain new ones.

What Is Keyword Ranking In SEO Compared To Search Queries Used By Searchers?

The major difference is mostly context and what’s being primarily referred to. Even the Search queries represent what’s typed into a search engine by users who are starting their search, whereas marketers think of keywords as the queries that they are primarily targeting for their SEO and PPC campaigns. Also, the Google indexing algorithm is adeptly designed to look for keywords in the content of pages, which totally means that Google has its own keyword ranking definition utilized for the algorithm.

How to Know Your Keyword Ranking Position

We can have a look at a couple of the metrics used below.


How many links to your site has a user viewed on Google search results. Though it isn’t a better way of tracking or monitoring keyword ranking positions, they are the best way of understanding the value of keywords and how they could assist your site to appear to more users.


This quality metric reflects the number of clicks from Google search that eventually results in people visiting your website.


The Click-through rate is the actual measure of how many clicks the site has received and is divided by the number of impressions it gets.

Average Position

It means the average position of the topmost result from your site for a given particular keyword. The average is given since the position fluctuates often, give or take a few spots.

A keyword position of 2.5 for instance could illustrate a keyword that moves around between spot #2 and spot #3 on the SERP. Also, Google searches could sometimes be customized for searchers based on their previous searches, the device they are utilizing, and their geographic location not everyone gets the exact same results. The search engine indexes other pages and crawls new content as it reshuffles which links deserve to appear where wholly based on Google’s complex ranking algorithm.


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