The Marketer’s Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing

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Focusing on a single channel makes for poor customer experience. Discover the complete guide to cross channel marketing here.

Around 56% of CEOs claim that digital improvements have generated revenue growth. Cross-channel marketing is the greatest digital improvement you could ever make.

At least 76% of buyers think businesses should understand their needs and expectations. The cross-channel approach lets you target people’s needs better.
You’re missing out if you’re not doing this. You deserve to achieve your business goals and increase brand awareness.

Here’s what you should know about expanding your channel marketing strategy:

Cross-Channel Marketing 101

Any platform you use for marketing is a marketing channel. Channels in marketing include Amazon, websites, your blog, advertisements, and more. Channel marketing is using a single marketing channel for leads, conversions, and sales.

What is cross-channel marketing? It’s using different marketing channels to create an integrated customer experience. It increases brand loyalty and sales as a result.

This approach creates a seamless brand experience and buyer journey. Each channel supports your marketing efforts on other channels.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the key to cross-channel marketing. The trick is to market on different social media platforms. Maintain active brand accounts on  Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Social media is also compatible with growth marketing. Both involve growing your audience and optimizing your sales funnel for success. The previous link will give you a perfect introduction to growth marketing.

Use Analytics

Use data to create goals, plot marketing strategies, and learn about your audience. Always make decisions based on research instead of gut feelings.

Research how one marketing channel interacts with others. The knowledge will help you optimize your campaigns for greater success. Cross-channel marketing software will help you get this information.

Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience is dividing it into different groups. This lets you personalize your marketing campaigns more.

Create buyer personas for each segment. Base these personas off of demographics, buyer behaviors, and more.

Now, you can make separate campaigns for each segment. Each campaign will address each segment’s needs. How cool is that?


Be consistent across channels. People trust consistent brands more than inconsistent ones.

The idea is to guide consumers down the sales funnel with an integrated approach. The more consistent you are, the more likely you are to snag those sales you crave.

Using consistent images will attract more attention to your brand. Starbucks used this approach for social media posts and advertisements. As a result, more customers signed up for their loyalty program.

Consistency also improves brand awareness and brand loyalty. Using your brand colors consistently also improves brand recognition.

Achieve Your Goals Across Channels

As of 2019, 4.48 billion people worldwide are internet users. Cross-channel marketing increases your likelihood of turning these users into customers.

You can use traditional marketing methods with this approach. Keep in mind that it’s harder to measure their reach and effectiveness.

Get informed⁠—check out our news section. The knowledge will help you further your own business goals.


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