Tips for Writing Personal Statements From Experts

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A powerful personal statement is an effective instrument to help students enter a dream college or get a prestigious job. It is a brief document proving that you are the best candidate for a particular position.

A professional editor from often gets a task to edit a college essay while providing “edit my paper services,” that is editing services online. In this post, he shares experience-based recommendations on how to come up with a brilliant personal statement.

The main point is that this document must give a convincing answer to the question “Why should we hire you?” or “Why do you think you are a worthy candidate?”

How to write a personal statement: top pieces of advice

#1 Respect the requirements

Learn and take into account the rules of composing a personal statement. It deals with the number of words, presenting specific information, the format of the paper, etc. Every company and college has its own standards of writing such documents.

#2 Consider the main purpose of the paper

Explain why you deserve to become a college student or a company’s employee. Describe your best parts, skills, passions, etc. and show what you can bring to the new team. For instance, your outstanding achievements in Physics will definitely interest MIT. Yet if you apply to the Art School, this information is unnecessary.

#3 Show your interest 

Prove that you really want to become a student or get a job. Motivated applicants have good chances to get accepted. Thus, you can write that you are keen on academic research, and want to become a scientist.

#4 Be unique

Admission boards and recruiters get a lot of papers from applicants. Strive to come up with something special. Creating an exclusive personal statement might seem a challenging assignment. It will go easier if you focus on your personality. Think about what makes you unique. As a rule, the answer lies in the combination of your individual features of character, skills, experiences, and views on life.

#5 Check the grammar

Typos and spelling mistakes can overshadow the uniqueness of your personal statements and college essays. Editors from recommend using modern software for proofreading: Grammarly, Hemingway, Ginger, etc. If English is not your native language, double-check the meaning of the terms you use in the textof the personal statement.

Summing up

A well-considered personal statement boosts chances to get closer to your dream. Expert editors from can give you valuable recommendations on its improvement. Simply send your document to these specialists and order essay editor service. As a result, you will get an error-free paper meeting expectations of your future employer or admissions board.


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