WebAppRater – Writing Guidelines

by | Oct 30, 2012 | General

A big welcome to all the guest bloggers and writers. We appreciate your initiative to write articles and blogs for our website and we will publish them through our web pages. However, there are certain rules and regulations set up for the guest bloggers that you need to abide by. Please follow them in order to make sure that your write-ups are not rejected and you get your due publicity.

Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is known to be packed with benefits that you are going to derive from writing for us. The three fold benefits include,

Author Biography: You can make yourself popular through the author biography. Your identity and the brand name get the maximum scope of promotion through this section.

Backlinks: The author can provide the link to their website and products through author biography section. You can link your previous articles in the author bio section and get the maximum out of it. You can also post your social networking links in the bio section for better coverage.

Promotion: While you place your social networking link on the biography page, you give your readers the scope to know you and your brand better which would be a promotional activity on your part.

Major Guidelines For Writers

We have some simple guidelines for the guest writers and you require to follow them before you start writing and throughout the span of relation with us.

Profile Info: As a visitor to the website and as a writer, you should provide proper profile information for your readers to know you better. The information should not be fake as we want to provide the truth to all our readers including you.

Article Submission: We would not provide a separate login for the article submission. All articles should be submitted through email. You can submit as many articles you want and the decision of the panel will be considered as final. The authority has the sole right to discard an article for the quality and content.

Word Limit: The word limit for each of the article is 500+ words. If the article is found to be shorter it may be rejected straight away or you might be asked for modification of the content. Utilize the space provided to maximize your web presence.

Grammatical Errors: The articles should be free from any grammatical errors. We believe in delivering the best quality to our viewers and would not accept any grammatically incorrect content.

Topic: The topic of the article should be related to the blog niche which would be beneficial both for you and us. The content should be original.

Image: You require to provide images or just one image with each of your post. The image must be relevant to the content and should not be over promotional in nature. We are strictly against publication of images that are bound by copyright law. By submitting an image you are agreeing that they are free from copyright and you are responsible for any dispute.

We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with you and we value your writing that is beneficial for both the sides. Follow the mentioned guidelines to have a great bonding with us.