Who Wants Sushi? Let’s Review the Sushi Factory – Slide Puzzle Game

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We can’t say that we’re the hugest fans of sushi in reality, but playing a game that centres itself on the Japanese delight – we’re all for it! That’s what Sushi Factory – Slide Puzzle presents, and it’s a new app that has been released by UNIT5. This company is responsible for a whole host of other downloadable games, including Cubie Adventure and Jelly Snake. With the release of the Sushi Factory – Slide Puzzle game, another intriguing title has been added to its catalogue.

Obviously, sushi forms the basis of the theme that this game focuses on. The rules of the game dictate that you need to cook up some sushi dishes, place them on a plate and then serve them up to hungry customers. Doesn’t seem so difficult, does it? It actually has something in common with the popular Overcooked II game that was released a year or two ago. The difference is that the puzzles in this game can be played with one hand and range from being quite simple through to exceptionally challenging.

So, what other features can be found within the Sushi Factory – Slide Puzzle game? Well, there are a variety of super cute chefs in the game, each of which has a variety of special skills to put to use in the kitchen. There are also over 70 sushi characters, which make appearances throughout the gameplay. Players can customise the restaurant interior, using many combinations of furnishing and the like to do so.

What’s the Sliding Got to Do with It?

Now, the second part of this game’s title hasn’t really been mentioned yet. So, what does the Slide Puzzle really have to do with anything? Well, gamers must slide the chef and push the sushi onto the plate. You earn money by putting all sushi dishes on the plates and if you upgrade the interior of the restaurant, the tips that you receive as the chef will improve, too.

Once you clear a stage, you’ll collect stars to be able to learn new recipes, and the more sushi you create, the better your cooking skills become along the way. And if the level is too difficult for you to complete, then you have the possibility of utilising three different types of help items at any time you need.

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Whatever you opt to do – place sports bets or make sushi – these both stand out as being ample ways of passing the time. You can download the Sushi Factory – Slide Puzzle game from both the Play Store and the Apple Store. It’s a free game, although in-app purchases are also available for all players.


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