Why Mobile Bingo is on the Rise

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There’s just something about a game of bingo that puts us in a great mood. We don’t know whether it’s the simplicity of the game, the anticipation, or the fact that it relies largely on skill, rather than luck, but bingo is a game we adore here in the UK. In fact, bingo is enjoyed all over the globe. Whereas in the past, bingo was largely played in dark and stuffy bingo halls with hints of stale alcohol and tobacco from decades prior, nowadays, the game has evolved. Or rather, how the game is enjoyed has evolved. Rather than being exclusive to bingo halls, the game is now enjoyed through online bingo as well. Today, we’re going to be listing several reasons why mobile bingo is on the rise.

No silence required – Years ago, if you wanted a guaranteed way of alienating an entire room of pensioners, and having them baying for your blood, all you had to do was make a little noise in a bingo hall in the middle of a game. If you happened to cough, or god forbid, have your phone ring when the bingo caller was calling out the next number, there would be hell to pay. Some games are fine when played in silence, but we feel that bingo isn’t one of them. If you want to play bingo and not sit in complete silence, you can now reach for your phone, tablet, or computer, and play a game of online bingo instead. Now, you can make as much noise as you like.

Simplicity – Whereas online casinos are very popular, some games are harder to play than others, and require a little more skill. Poker for example, is not the easiest game to master for beginners. If you want a game to play online which is easy to master, and gives you a great chance of winning, online bingo is ideal. Bingo is one of the easiest games to play, making the ideal game to play on your phone when you want to relax, switch off, have fun, and hopefully win some money in the process.

Online bingo is automatic – In the past, when playing conventional bingo, it was down to the players to listen out for the bingo caller and jot down the number on their card when called out. If the player misheard the caller, or didn’t see that they had the number, they might fail to mark the number. This has cost countless bingo players in the past, and it is very frustrating. With online bingo, the app/game fills the numbers in automatically. That means that if one of your numbers is called, the game will fill it in for you, so you needn’t worry about missing any numbers and failing to fill in your card correctly.

Socialise – Finally, the last reason why online bingo is on the rise is due to the fact that it is very social. Traditional bingo is played in silence and is very serious. Online bingo is different. Here, you can chat with friends and other players online via the chat tool, and you can even play other games with them in the chatrooms.


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