4 Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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One of the most popular digital marketing strategies is email marketing. It is a low-cost, straightforward, and effective communication method with potential customers. If used correctly, email marketing tools can significantly increase your profits.

Let’s look at the best email marketing tools to assist you in making a correct decision.


ConvertKit is regarded to be a powerful email marketing tool for expert bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs. It is both easy to use and compelling. ConvertKit is a special one in that it allows you to provide content and rewards to anyone who signs up for email newsletters. It also has basic auto-responders that allow you to create drip emails using its emailing platform.

Using ConvertKit, you can quickly segment your customers into genuinely interested customers and those who have already paid. You can improve conversions by sending personalized automated emails.


It is a popular online marketing tool efficaciously designed for small businesses and those just starting out. Large corporations such as UNICEF and Ikea use it to create solid and simple emails from a single, simple interface.

GetResponse is a suitable email marketing tool to invest in because it can also be used for other marketing purposes. Examples include landing page optimization, conversion channels, and automation. With GetResponse, you can personalize your email subject lines by including information such as the recipient’s name, birth date, and postal code.


Mailchimp is an established and well-regarded email marketing platform. This top-rated mail service is ideal for freelancers, small-to-medium-sized businesses and organizations, and cash-strapped startups.

The key features include a drag-and-drop email editor, email notifications, contact segmentation into subgroups, and essential analytics monitoring. You can also configure delivery times based on time zones and geolocation-based segmentation. Furthermore, Mailchimp can be easily integrated with WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms to increase its effectiveness.

Mailchimp’s free plan qualitatively permits users to send 12,000 emails to nearly 2,000 subscribers for the rest of their lives. This strategy is limiting because it does not include extensive segmentation and multivariate tests.


Benchmark’s email marketing service is comprehensive and completely free. The tool provides you with all the benefits of their premium plans, whereas other programs provide free trials or limited functionality in their freemium plans.

They primarily offer more advanced features for free, such as Google Analytics tracking, social network integration, and heat mapping. You also get a handy drag-and-drop builder, minimal automation, and reporting capabilities.


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