Evolution of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 2019

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Artificial Intelligence has been debated upon by critics for long because of its immense impact on people’s day-to-day life. AI technologies have been embedded into fields like healthcare systems, music programming, online books, online gaming such as slot games by Spinzwin Casino, photograph editing, social media platforms, smart televisions and even motorised toothbrushes such as Oral B Genius X toothbrush. AI inevitably influences the decision-making process of the user and can significantly improve businesses. A few noticeable developments in Artificial Intelligence technologies in 2019 are discussed below in the article.

Improving Services

AI technologies have improved customer data collection and services with advancements such as Natural language generation, Virtual agents, Marketing Automation and more. Natural language generation is an AI sub-discipline that enables computers to exchange information or ideas accurately by converting data into text. This helps to generate market summaries or general customer reports.

A virtual agent is a program designed to communicate with customers directly. These are used in customer support chats, smart house managers and more. Marketing automation permits companies to adjust advertisement according to customer data and demographics, integrate data systematically, manage campaigns, streamline repetitive jobs and more.

Maximising business efficiency

AI allows businesses and companies to function efficiently and ethically with technologies such as decision management, knowledge worker aid, content creation, Digital twin/AI modelling and more. Decision management software is capable of initial setup, training, tuning and maintenance. Compliance technologies regulate legislation, rules and regulations, the terms of a contract and more for companies.

Knowledge worker aid is developed to help employees by providing information and professional knowledge. This technology is most effective in legal and medical professions as these professions are dependent on knowledgeable personnel. AI also aids in creating content online worldwide such as advertisements, blogs, videos, infographics, articles and more. A few technologies help professionals utilise digital twin/AI modelling to create 3D designs replicating large scale models such as aircraft, bridges, dams and more. Other drawings, interactive charts, data points, diagrams and much more can also be developed.

Improving human senses recognition systems

There are several technologies to read human senses to develop security systems, mobile phones, home systems and more. Currently, speech recognition, emotion recognition and Image recognition are at the peak.  Speech recognition is a well-known system where people can communicate verbally with software such as Siri in iPhones. These programmes are designed to respond to the user as well as find any information that is required. Emotion recognition technologies can recognise and read human emotions for image processing or audio data processing.

Technological advances have been made that can even read micro expressions of human or body language or vocal changes that can be helpful for police or other law enforcers and business marketing teams. Image recognition is a technology developed to determine and detect features in a video or a photograph. This is vastly used in social media platforms or to identify license plates, medical diagnosis and more.

Security of data and mankind

Biometrics, cyber defence, text analytics and natural language processing is developed to secure data and humans from cybercrime, national safety and more. Biometrics can help measure, analyse and identify human body form and structure for example at airport immigration fingerprints are scanned for identification. Cyber defence is a network designed for computerised defence mechanism that detects, prevents and responds quickly against threats. Text analytics and natural language processing are used to extract unstructured data or sentence structures and more.


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