Solitaire has a new lease of life with this exciting game.

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I’m a massive fan of solitaire – the original, real-world version – but I’m the first to admit that game can take a while and, well, it can get boring. If you’re a solitaire fan but you wish for a faster, more exciting way to play the game, look no further than Solitaire Time Warp.

Starting out in ancient Egypt, you’ll adventure through portals with your feline companion to other times and places, like Atlantis, the Wild West and beyond! The ultimate mission is to get back to the here and now – but really, I didn’t care that I was lost in space and time, as that just meant I got to play more solitaire.

Combining all the popular versions of solitaire; Classic, Yukon, Spider, Pyramid, Klondike and more, the game had hundreds of uniquely challenging levels. With obstacles to overcome, side quests to complete and a streak meter you can fill for more rewards, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Solitaire Time Warp. The added features and mechanics don’t overshadow the core gameplay – which is the solitaire we’re all familiar with. It makes the game appealing to fans of the genre while it’s refreshing enough to convert people who wouldn’t necessarily choose to play the original version of the game.

Whether you’re a fan of solitaire or you’re not and fancy trying out a new type of game, download the game today on iOS and Google Play for free now!


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