The growth of mobile gaming in 2020

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The latest reports bring promising news for the online gambling industry, especially for operators providing games for mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are being used by the vast majority of online players, both casual and experienced to try slots, table games and video pokers. As the handheld gadgets get better, the mobile gaming industry sets new milestones and 2020 looks quite promising. Punters have plenty of worthy options and can choose to gamble safely and legally at licensed casinos. you should enjoy playing best online casino in Canada .

Recreational punters are in the spotlight

Online casinos are paying more attention than ever to casual players, as they represent the majority of new members. People who would normally shy away from Internet gambling are now contemplating the possibility of playing them for the first time. Smartphones and tablets play a pivotal role in their decision, by providing them with easy access. Casinos meet new members halfway and enable them to try the games for free in demo format, without any time restraints and further requirements.

Free slots and table games are now available not only at online casinos, but also social networks. Some are produced by the same leading software developers, while others are developed in-house, so there’s incredible variety. Mobile devices act as a gateway to online gambling entertainment, but players can also enjoy the games without an Internet connection. Free slots are perfect to try in demo format and they don’t require players to go online; this makes them perfect for casual players looking for cheap thrills.

New technologies and the horizon

The positive trend is likely to gain further speed in 2020, as new technologies are being developed and enhanced. Virtual reality has been around for a while, but in recent months progress has been made, particularly in the casino niche and websites like casino. Most slots, video pokers and live dealer table games are more exciting when played with the VR set on. We are not quite there yet and it will probably take a while until players will feel like walking into a brick-and-mortar casino. This is, however, one of the main directions for growth, so software developers are investing massively in virtual reality technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Meanwhile, Android instant apps and progressive web apps are making mobile gaming even more exciting. Online casinos allow players to try most of the games straight in the browser, without the need of downloading anything. This is the manner in which most punters prefer to gamble, but the aforesaid apps will provide an even more convenient alternative. Essentially, they enjoy the best of both worlds, as they harness the power of traditional apps, without being required to download them.

The forecast for 2020 is rather optimistic and the mobile gaming industry is expected to grow at an accelerated pace. There’s a strong influx of new players joining the network and among them, there are plenty of casual and recreational gamblers. New technologies are being developed, to facilitate their access and integration, while improving the gaming experience overall.


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